Royal Rumble 2003战报 - 赛事战报

Royal Rumble 2003战报

Royal Rumble 2003战报 2003-09-24 00:00
  1. Winner enters the Rumble:
    Brock Lesnar def. Big Show [w/Paul Heyman]
  2. World tag team championship:
    Dudley Boyz def. Lance Storm & William Regal (ch)
    Regal was pinned by D-Von.
  3. Stepdaughter vs. Stepmother:
    Torrie Wilson def. Dawn Marie
  4. World heavyweight championship:
    Scott Steiner def. Triple H [w/Ric Flair] (ch) (DQ)
  5. WWE Championship:
    Kurt Angle [w/Team Angle] (ch) def. Chris Benoit
  6. The Royal Rumble
    Brock Lesnar (entered 29th) wins, to face the WWE champion at Wrestlemana XIX.
    Elimination order (entrance order in parenthesis):
  7. (1.) Shawn Michaels (2:35 by Chris Jericho)
  8. (3.) Christopher Nowinski (9:05 by Rey Mysterio)
  9. (4.) Rey Mysterio (9:18 by Chris Jericho)
  10. (9.) Bill DeMott (13:37 by Edge & Dreamer)
  11. (10.) Tommy Dreamer (13:58 by Chris Jericho)
  12. (8.) Tajiri (14:37 by Chris Jericho)
  13. (11.) B-2 (15:14 by Edge)
  14. (7.) Chavo Guerrero (15:32 by Edge)
  15. (5.) Edge (15:52 by Chris Jericho)
  16. (6.) Christian (15:52 by Chris Jericho)
  17. (15.) Jeff Hardy (29:08 by Rob Van Dam)
  18. (16.) Rosey (33:42 by Kane)
  19. (14.) Eddie Guerrero (36:43 by Booker T)
  20. (2.) Chris Jericho (38:59 by Shawn Michaels returning)
  21. (27.) Goldust (42:08 by Shelton Benjamin)
  22. (24.) Booker T (42:32 by Team Angle)
  23. (17.) Test (43:50 by himself)
  24. (20.) Rikishi (44:10 by Batista)
  25. (23.) Shelton Benjamin (45:22 by Brock lesnar)
  26. (19.) Charlie Haas (45:22 by Brock Lesnar)
  27. (13.) Matt Hardy (45:34 by Brock Lesnar)
  28. (18.) John Cena (47:21 by Undertaker)
  29. (21.) Jamal (47:30 by Undertaker)
  30. (26.) Maven (48:00 by Undertaker)
  31. (25.) A-Train (49:18 by Kane & Rob Van Dam)
  32. (12.) Rob Van Dam (49:35 by Kane)
  33. (28.) Batista (53:05 by Undertaker)
  34. (22.) Kane (53:36 by Undertaker)
  35. (30.) Undertaker (53:46 by Brock Lesnar)


Royal Rumble 2003
赛事系列:WWE PPV


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