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(Gary Gandy)

Gary Gandy

性别: 男
身高:190 cm
体重:104 kg
出生地:Gig Harbor, Washington, USA
教练:OVW Wrestling School

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Gary Gandy比赛更多精彩

2017-03-04Big Jon 战胜 Adam Revolver and Adam Slade and Apollo and Big Zo and Billy O and Cash Flo and Chace Destiny and Colton Cage and Dapper Dan and David Lee Lorenze III and Dennis Mousa and Diamond and Dre Blitz and Dustin Jackson and Eric Locker and Houdini and Hy-Zaya and Jade Dawson and Kevin Giza and Little Damion and LJ and Lukas Gibson Jacobs and Raul LaMotta and Reverend Stuart Miles and Robbie Walker and Ted McNaler and Trevor Steele and Tyler Matrix and Ultimo Stingray(Nightmare Rumble Match)
OVW Saturday Night Special - Nightmare Rumble 2017
2016-10-16The Gatekeepers (Blaster McMassive & Flex Rumblecrunch) (w/Ethan Page) 战胜 Eric Locker & Joe Coleman (0:57)(Singles Match)
2016-07-09Eric Locker & Johnny Paradise 战胜 Eric Right & Quiz(Tag Team Match)
DOA Star Spangled Showdown 2016
2016-04-23Eric Locker 战胜 Mannie Rioz(WrestleSport Heavyweight Title #1 Contendership Tournament Quarter Final Match)
2016-04-23Eric Locker 战胜 Darby Graves(WrestleSport Heavyweight Title #1 Contendership Tournament Semi Final Match)

Gary Gandy胜败统计

比赛总场数:119 总胜场数:64 (53.8%) 总平局数:6 (5%)


年份 场次 胜率 败率 平局 平率
2017 1 0 0% 1 100% 0 0%
2016 22 9 40.9% 12 54.5% 1 4.5%
2015 59 27 45.8% 28 47.5% 4 6.8%
2014 37 28 75.7% 8 21.6% 1 2.7%

Gary Gandy腰带


腰带名称 保持天数
OVW Southern Tag Team Championship(2x) 161


腰带名称   保持天数
OVW Southern Tag Team Championship(2x) 2015.03.25-2015.07.08 105
OVW Southern Tag Team Championship(1x) 2014.09.06-2014.11.01 56