(Angel Rose)-TNA选手资料

基本资料  比赛(147) 

12019-05-04Diamante & Serpentico 战胜 Aerial Monroe & Darius Lockhart(Tag Team Match)
FEST The Hardcore Hunt1219952
22018-05-19Angel Rose 战胜 Xia BrookSide(Singles Match)
QOC Royalty Returns - Show 11072085
32018-05-19Angel Rose 战胜 Aja Perera and Ray Lyn and Xia BrookSide(Four Way Match)
QOC Royalty Returns - Show 21072081
42018-05-12Angel Rose 战胜 RACHel Ellering(Singles Match)
FEST Bring Your Mom Too!!1070961
52018-03-24Angel Rose 战胜 Isla Dawn(Singles Match)
QOC 221104415
62018-03-24Angel Rose 战胜 Samantha Heights(Singles Match)
QOC 231104420
72017-04-30The Lucha World Order (Angel Rose & Jon Cruz) 战胜 Pop Culture (Jason Cade & Veda Scott)(Tag Team Match)
PWX Enter The Dragon1024666
82017-04-08Angel Rose 战胜 Amber Nova and Dynamite DiDi(三重威胁赛)
PPW LuchaMania1022024
92017-04-08Angel Rose & Mr. 450 战胜 Lacey Lane & Teddy Stigma (w/Amy Rose)(Tag Team Match)
PPW LuchaMania1022026
102017-04-01Angel Rose 战胜 Renee Michelle and Samantha Heights (4:26)(三重威胁赛)
WrestleCon Women's SuperShow1020846
112017-03-04Diamante 战胜 Amanda Rodriguez(Singles Match)
Impact Wrestling One Night Only - Victory Road 2017: Next Knockout1017871
122017-02-18Angel Rose 战胜 Samantha Heights(Singles Match)
QOC 171015374
132017-01-07Angel Rose 战胜 Mila Naniki(PPW Diamonds Division Title Tournament First Round Match)
PPW Seasons Beatings1010281
142016-11-27Angel Rose 战胜 Samantha Heights (6:59)(Singles Match)
QOC 16 1006725
152016-11-19Angel Rose 战胜 Brandi Lauren(Singles Match)
BBPW Thanksgiving Throwdown270
162016-11-18Angel Rose 战胜 Johann Ramzes(Singles Match)
IGNITE Okeechobee Invasion Match499
172016-11-05Angel Rose 战胜 Mike Monroe (c) - TITLE CHANGE !!!(ICW Title Match)
ICW Lucha Fest IV2464
182016-11-01Angel Rose & Maxx Stardom 战胜 Aria Blake & TC Read (w/Jim Sherbert)(Tag Team Match)
RPW The Crowning II2997
192016-10-30Angel Rose 战胜 AR Fox(FEST Wrestling Title One Night Tournament First Round Match)
202016-09-03Angel Rose 战胜 Veda Scott(Singles Match)
RONIN 1212763
212016-08-12Angel Rose 战胜 Jon Cruz(Singles Match)
ICW Thunder Rumble16175
222016-08-12Angel Rose 战胜 Adrian Marx and Alex Todd and Aron Agony and Dude Hate and Ernest R. Alexander III and Evan Sky and John Beaver and Joker and Julian Kelevra and Madd Dawg and Maxx Stardom and Mykal Manix and Nacio Baron and Q-Ba Libre and Sasso Rivera and Shawn Prime and Skull Mussolini and Speedy and Teddy Khan(20 Man Royal Rumble)
ICW Thunder Rumble16177
232016-07-23Angel Rose 战胜 Jenson Fratelli(Singles Match)
USCW TV Taping19269
242016-07-23Angel Rose 战胜 Raegan Fire by DQ(Singles Match)
USCW TV Taping19270
252016-07-22Angel Rose 战胜 Rachael Ellering(Singles Match)
IGNITE Down For The Count19588
262016-06-24Angel Rose 战胜 Dynamite DiDi(Singles Match)
ICW/UKnow Summer Brawl 201624073
272016-06-18Angel Rose 战胜 Amanda Rodriguez and Su Yung(三重威胁赛)
RONIN 1125075
282016-05-20Angel Rose 战胜 Red Velvett(Singles Match)
292016-05-14Angel Rose 战胜 Chasyn Rance(Singles Match)
302016-03-12Angel Rose vs. Su Yung - Double DQ(Singles Match)
RONIN 1042248
312015-09-19Angel Rose & Craig Roberts 战胜 Dash Maverick & Julian Kelevra(Tag Team Match)
ICW Main Evento 201583542
322015-09-19Angel Rose & Craig Roberts 战胜 Dash Maverick & Julian Kelevra(Tag Team Match)
ICW Main Evento 201583543
332014-03-01Angel Rose 战胜 Dynamite DiDi(Singles Match)
UKnow Breakout311233
342014-02-22Angel Rose 战胜 Shazza McKenzie(Singles Match)
Newy Pro #271104435
352012-12-15Angel Rose & Calypso 战胜 Cherry Layne & Solo Darling(Tag Team Match)
NWA Ring Warriors Bombshells And Jingle Bells75146
362012-09-29Angel Rose 战胜 TC Read(Singles Match)
ICW Road To Ruin 2012158012
372012-09-15Angel Rose 战胜 El Diamante Dorado(Mask vs. Hair Match)
ICW El Main Evento172812
382012-08-03Angel Rose 战胜 Calypso(Singles Match)
ICW FAME188514
392012-05-19Angel Rose 战胜 Sean Phoenix(Singles Match)
ICW Fan Fest 2012230030
402012-03-30Angel Rose (w/The Golden Sheik) 战胜 Santana Garrett(Singles Match)
ICW Lucha Fest III267533
412012-02-08Angel Rose 战胜 Ricky Turbo(Singles Match)
ICW Total Meltdown299156
422012-01-14Angel Rose 战胜 TC Read(Singles Match)
ICW Battle Rumble 2012311787
432011-12-17Angel Rose 战胜 Calypso(Singles Match)
ICW Raging Controversy 201171899
442011-12-09Angel Rose 战胜 Santana(Singles Match)
FOW Hardcore Holiday83011
452011-12-09Angel Rose 战胜 Santana(Singles Match)
FOW Hardcore Holiday83012
462011-08-05Team Maverick (Angel Rose, Dash Maverick, Maxx Stardom & Skorpio) 战胜 Team Biggs (J-Biggs, K-Cling, Mr. Vega & Teddy Khan)(Eight Man Tag Team Match)
ICW FAME 2011173824
472011-04-30Angel Rose 战胜 Tommy Vandal (10:00)(ICW Pure X Title Tournament Semi Final Match)
ICW Body Count 2011240046
482011-02-19Angel Rose 战胜 J-Biggs(ICW Pure X Title Tournament First Round Match)
ICW Lucha Fest II282712
492011-01-15Angel Rose (c) 战胜 J-Dawg Brooks(ICW Hard Knocks Title Hardcore Match)
ICW Battle Rumble 2011301139
502010-12-18Angel Rose (c) 战胜 Chris Jones(ICW Womens Title / ICW You Tube Title Unification Match)
ICW Raging Controversy IX341709
512010-11-06Winner: Angel Rose(ICW You Tube Title #1 Contendership Ten Man Battle Royal)
ICW Lethal Lottery 2010372849
522010-11-06Angel Rose 战胜 Calypso (c) and Santana G - TITLE CHANGE !!!(ICW Womens Title Triple Threat Match)
ICW Lethal Lottery 2010372853
532010-09-11The Hatchet City All Stars (Bryan Maddox & Ethan Essex), Angel Rose & The Puerto Rican Hound Dogg 战胜 Jamaican Funk (Easy G & Jimmy Sweets), Kevin Awesome & Kimberly(Eight Man Tag Team Match)
542010-06-19Angel Rose 战胜 Kimberly (c) by DQ(WXW Womens Title Match)
552010-05-01Angel Rose 战胜 Joker(Singles Match)
ICW Body Count 2010488622
562010-03-28Angel Rose (c) 战胜 Vanessa Venom(ICW Womens Title Match)
ICW Tag Team Turmoil 2010511856
572010-02-27Angel Rose (c) 战胜 Calypso(ICW Womens Title Match)
ICW Lucha Fest521373
582010-01-16Angel Rose 战胜 Stud Magnum (c) - TITLE CHANGE !!!(ICW Womens Title Match)
ICW Battle Rumble 2010537770
592009-11-22Angel Rose & Calypso 战胜 David Diamond & Stud Magnum(Tag Team Match)
ICW Road To Ruin 2009339757
602009-08-22Alex Chamberlain, Angel Rose, Isis The Amazon 战胜 Anthony Michaels, Betsy Ruth & Sybil Pageant(Six Man Tag Team Match)
CCW Summer Fallout 2009407585
612009-05-17Angel Rose 战胜 Mykal Manix(Singles Match (Special Referee: Dash Maverick))
ICW Critical Condition 2009477023
622009-04-12Angel Rose 战胜 El ElectRico(Singles Match)
ICW Bunnies & Bodyslams497007
632009-03-21Angel Rose (c) 战胜 Calypso(ICW Womens Title Match)
ICW Body Count 2009508621
642009-03-20Angel Rose 战胜 Trina Mason(Singles Match)
652009-01-21Angel Rose 战胜 Jelena(Singles Match)
D1PW 1-2-3529349
662009-01-17The Network (Angel Rose, Dash Maverick, Maxx Stardom & Mykal Manix) 战胜 BDG Enterprises (Big Daddy Gonzo, Jordan Rayner & Rusty Brooks) (0:08)(Four On Three Handicap Match)
ICW Brink Of Insanity 2009529652
672009-01-17Angel Rose (c) 战胜 Kellie (3:58)(ICW Womens Title Match)
ICW Brink Of Insanity 2009529658
682008-12-21Angel Rose (c) 战胜 Calypso (7:35)(ICW Womens Title Match)
ICW Giant Size X-Mas '08332395
692008-09-14Angel Rose (c) 战胜 Calypso(ICW Womens Title Match)
ICW Road To Ruin 2008384649
702008-09-07Angel Rose (w/Rusty Brooks) 战胜 Mykal Manix(Singles Match)
ICW Impromptu 2008387883
712008-07-19Angel Rose 战胜 Kellie - TITLE CHANGE !!!(ICW Womens Title Match (vakant))
ICW Crossing The Line 2008420892