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基本资料  比赛(100) 

12021-08-15Melina 战胜 Brandi Lauren (2:04)(Singles Match)
iMPACT 2021.08.20 889期
22020-09-23Candice LeRae 战胜 Aliyah and Avery Taylor (w/Robert Stone) and Brandi Lauren and Catalina and Dakota Kai and Ellie Hile and Emilie Andzulis and Gia Roman and Indi Hartwell and Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter and Marina Shafir and Raeven Marie and Raquel Gonzalez and Rhea Ripley and Rita Reis and Shotzi Blackheart and Xia Li (15:29)(Tag Team Match)
WWE NXT 2020.09.22 422期
32019-04-05Hyan 战胜 Leva Bates and Allie Recks and Brandi Lauren and Brittany Blake and Indi Hartwell and Shotzi Blackheart and Veda Scott(Eight Way Match)
SHIMMER Volume 113
42019-03-16Priscilla Kelly 战胜 Brandi Lauren(Singles Match)
52019-01-19Allie Recks 战胜 Ava Storie(Singles Match)
62018-12-15Allie Recks & Willow Nightingale 战胜 Brandi Lauren & Jenna(Tag Team Match)
72018-09-08Allysin Kay 战胜 Brandi Lauren(SHINE Title Tournament First Round Match)
82018-09-06Kiera Hogan 战胜 Ava Storie(Singles Match)
RISE Ascent - Episode 16
92018-05-25Leva Bates (c) 战胜 Ava Storie(AWE Bombshells Title Match)
AWE Malice & Mayhem
102018-05-19Rocky Radley (c) 战胜 Ava Storie(PPW Diamonds Division Title Match)
PPW LuchaMania 2
112018-05-09Lacey Evans 战胜 Brandi Lauren (1:21)(Singles Match)
WWE NXT 2018.05.17 300期
122019-01-26Lacey Evans 战胜 Brandi Lauren(Singles Match)
WWE NXT TakeOver: Phoenix
132018-04-28Deonna Purrazzo 战胜 Ava Storie (5:39)(Singles Match)
ROH Bound By Honor - Tag 2: Champions Vs. BULLET CLUB
142018-03-25Keli ABrams 战胜 Ava Storie (0:08)(Singles Match)
TBPW Luck Of The Draw
152018-01-27Tasha Price 战胜 Ava Storie and Jenna Van Muscles(三重威胁赛)
PWK Kingdom Rumble
162018-01-20Kikyo 战胜 Ava Storie(Singles Match)
GW Episode 48 - Glamour
172018-01-13Santana Garrett 战胜 Ava Storie(Singles Match)
BBPW Brainbusters
182017-12-16Rain 战胜 Aerial Monroe and Aja Perera and Aria Blake and Brandi Lauren and Candy Cartwright and Dementia D'Rose and Dynamite DiDi and Ivelisse and Jessicka Havok and Kiera Hogan and Kikyo and Leva Bates and Mercedes Martinez and Natalia Markova and Priscilla Kelly and Robyn Reid and Shotzi Blackheart and Stormie Lee and Tesha Price(SHINE Title #1 Contendership Survival Rumble Match)
192017-12-16Jessicka Havok 战胜 Brandi Lauren(Singles Match)
202017-10-20Kamilla Kaine 战胜 Ava Storie(Singles Match)
USWA Starting Point
212017-10-03Little Miss Roxxy 战胜 Ava Storie (9:08)(Singles Match)
WCPW Loaded #33
222017-09-24Katalina Perez 战胜 Ava Storie and Nora Pryce (9:25)(三重威胁赛)
TBPW Go For Broke
232017-09-15Allysin Kay 战胜 Brandi Lauren(Singles Match)
242017-08-22Rosemary 战胜 Ava Storie(Singles Match)
GFW iMPACT 2017.08.26
252017-08-22Rosemary 战胜 Ava Storie(Singles Match)
GFW Impact Tapings
262017-08-20Taya 战胜 Ava Storie (1:20)(Singles Match)
GFW iMPACT 2017.09.23
272017-07-14Maria Maria (Allysin Kay) 战胜 Brandi Lauren and Daisy and Dementia D'Rose and Natalia Markova(SHINE Title #1 Contendership Five Way Match)
282017-07-06Laurel Van Ness (w/Sienna) 战胜 Ava Storie(Singles Match)
GFW Xplosion #675
292017-07-03Laurel Van Ness (w/Kongo Kong) 战胜 Ava Storie (3:20)(Singles Match)
iMPACT 2017.07.14
302017-07-01Dynamite DiDi 战胜 Brandi Lauren(Diamonds Division Starlight Title #1 Contendership Match)
PPW Fight 4 Independence
312017-05-13Lindsay Snow (c) 战胜 Brandi Lauren(FTPW Ladies Title Best Two Out Of Three Falls Match)
322017-04-22Laurel Van Ness (w/Kongo Kong) 战胜 Ava Storie (1:25)(Tag Team Match)
iMPACT 2017.05.12
332017-04-22Laurel Van Ness (w/Kongo Kong) 战胜 Ava Storie (5:17)(Singles Match)
Impact Wrestling One Night Only - Turning Point 2017
342017-04-20Christina Von Eerie (c) 战胜 Ava Storie(GFW Womens Title Match)
iMPACT 2017.04.28
352017-04-01Tasha Steelz 战胜 Brandi Lauren (4:04)(Dark Match)
ROH Supercard Of Honor XI
362017-03-30Lindsay Snow 战胜 Brandi Lauren (c) and Angel Rose and Brooke Danielle and Chrissy Rivera and Lacey Lane and Trish Adora and Willow Nightingale and Aria Blake - TITLE CHANGE !!!(FTPW Ladies Title Gauntlet Match)
OCW/FTPW Downtown Throwdown
372017-03-29Leva Bates, ODB & Robbie E 战胜 Amber Nova, Arik Cannon & Brandi Lauren(Six Man Tag Team Match)
AWE Rock N Brawl
382017-03-28Lucy Blossom, Mila Naniki & Santana Garrett 战胜 Brandi Lauren, Robyn Reid & Trish Adora(Six Man Tag Team Match)
PW2.0 Legends And Heroes
392017-03-22Leva Bates 战胜 Brandi Lauren(Singles Match)
402017-03-10Thea Trinidad 战胜 Brandi Lauren(Singles Match)
412017-03-04Angelina Love 战胜 Kayci Quinn(Singles Match)
Impact Wrestling One Night Only - Victory Road 2017: Next Knockout
422017-03-04ODB 战胜 Amanda Carolina Rodriguez and Ava Storie and Brandi Rhodes and Diamante and Madison Rayne and MJ Jenkins and Rebel(Impact Womens Knockout Title #1 Contendership Gauntlet Battle Royal)
iMPACT 2017.04.07
432017-02-26Amanda Carolina Rodriguez 战胜 Brandi Lauren(Singles Match)
TBPW Striking Distance
442017-02-04Santana Garrett 战胜 Brandi Lauren(Singles Match)
BBPW 1 Year Anniversary Show - Broken Dreams
452017-01-21Leva Bates 战胜 Brandi Lauren(Singles Match)
USWA Jax 2017 Don Curtis Memorial Cup
462017-01-13Malia Hosaka 战胜 Brandi Lauren(Singles Match)
472017-01-07Lindsay Snow 战胜 Brandi Lauren(Singles Match)
GW Episode 19 - Big Bang
482016-12-16Jessie Belle Smothers 战胜 Brandi Lauren(Singles Match)
492016-11-19Angel Rose 战胜 Brandi Lauren(Singles Match)
BBPW Thanksgiving Throwdown
502016-11-05Dynamite DiDi 战胜 Brandi Lauren (w/Stud Magnum)(ICW Pure X Title #1 Contendership Four Way Match)
ICW Lucha Fest IV
512016-11-01Tessa Blanchard 战胜 Brandi Lauren(Singles Match)
PW2.0 GOBBLE Squabble
522016-10-18Lindsay Snow 战胜 Brandi Lauren (8:00)(Singles Match)
Girl Fight XII
532016-09-17Lindsay Snow 战胜 Brandi Lauren by DQ(Singles Match)
FTPW Fight Club: Round One
542016-08-30Chelsea Diamond 战胜 Aria Blake and Brandi Lauren and Chelsea Green and Ivory Robyn and Jayme Jameson and Lindsay Snow and Mila Naniki and Raegan Fire and Raquel and Santana Garrett and Su Yung - TITLE CHANGE !!!(PW2.0 Womens Title Battle Royal (vakant))
PW2.0 Labor Pains
552016-08-02Raquel, Santana Garrett & Violet Payne 战胜 Brandi Lauren, Dominique Fabiano & Su Yung(Six Man Tag Team Match)
PW2.0 Heat Stroke
562016-07-28Aria Blake 战胜 Brandi Lauren - TITLE CHANGE !!!(ACW Womens Title Match (vakant))
ACW Thursday Night Throwdown
572016-06-23Aria Blake 战胜 Brandi Lauren(Singles Match)
ACW Thursday Night Throwdown
582016-06-11Lindsay Snow 战胜 Brandi Lauren(Singles Match)