基本资料  比赛(680) 

3012008-05-30Wolfgang (c) 战胜 Vinnie James(BCW Heavyweight Title Match)
3022008-05-18Jamie Impact, Vinnie James & Wolfgang 战胜 Brad Fusion, Darkside & Euan McEwan(Six Man Tag Team Match)
3032008-05-17Winner: Damian O'Connor & Micken and The MACHine and Wolfgang - TITLE CHANGE !!!(NWA Scottish Heavyweight Title / SWA Laird Of The Ring Title / SWA Tag Team Title Battlezone Rumble (vakant))
SWA Battlezone IV: Interesting Times452663
3042008-05-16Wolfgang 战胜 Vinnie James(Singles Match)
3052008-05-10Wolfgang (c) 战胜 Dragon Aisu(PBW Heavyweight Title Match)
3062008-04-27Wolfgang (c) 战胜 Liam Thomson(BCW Heavyweight Title Match)
3072008-04-26Wolfgang (c) 战胜 Red Lightning(BCW Heavyweight Title Match)
BCW Ballerup Hall Brawl465253
3082008-04-12Wolfgang 战胜 Darkside and James Wallace (c) and Lionheart - TITLE CHANGE !!!(PBW Heavyweight Title Four Way Ladder Match)
PBW Breaking Limits 3474481
3092008-04-04CJ Hunter & Wolfgang 战胜 BT Gunn & Micken(Tag Team Match)
3102008-03-28Wolfgang (c) 战胜 Iceman(BCW Heavyweight Title Match)
BCW The Next Chapter483839
3112008-03-15Wolfgang 战胜 Micken(Singles Match)
3122008-03-14Wolfgang 战胜 Iceman(Singles Match)
PBW Breach Of The Peace 2008490544
3132008-02-16T2K (Darkside & Wolfgang) 战胜 Liam Thomson & Lionheart(Tag Team Match)
3142008-02-15Wolfgang 战胜 Mike Musso(Singles Match)
3152008-02-08Wolfgang 战胜 Tim Wylie and Vinikama(三重威胁赛)
3162008-02-02Wolfgang 战胜 Ricky Knight(Singles Match)
W3L Road To Remedy506072
3172008-01-19Wolfgang 战胜 BT Gunn(Singles Match)
SWA New Year's Retribution512705
3182007-12-08Wolfgang 战胜 Conscience and Lionheart and Red Lightning - TITLE CHANGE !!!(BCW Heavyweight Title 30 Man Battle Royal Final Four Elimination Match (vakant))
BCW No Blood, No Sympathy V336649
3192007-12-07Wolfgang 战胜 Brad Fusion(Singles Match)
BCW Live!336711
3202007-12-01Wolfgang 战胜 Jimmie James(Singles Match)
PBW Double Duty - Tag 2337935
3212007-11-20Wolfgang 战胜 Vinikama(Singles Match)
3222007-11-18Wolfgang 战胜 Jason Fury(Singles Match)
3232007-10-19Wolfgang 战胜 TJ Rage(Singles Match)
PBW Debut At Girvan359835
3242007-10-13Wolfgang (c) 战胜 Falcon(BCW Openweight Title Match)
BCW Powers Collide362937
3252007-09-29Winner: Wolfgang(Six Way Ladder Match)
SWA The Gathering369230
3262007-08-31Wolfgang (c) 战胜 Lionheart(BCW Openweight Title Match (Special Referee: Drew Galloway))
BCW Damage Point385998
3272007-08-12Wolfgang 战胜 Anthony McIntyre(Singles Match)
3282007-08-11Wolfgang 战胜 Lionheart(Laird Of The Ring Tournament Semi Final Match)
SWA Laird Of The Ring395620
3292007-08-11Wolfgang 战胜 BT Gunn - TITLE CHANGE !!!(SWA Laird Of The Ring Title Laird Of The Ring Tournament Final Match (vakant))
SWA Laird Of The Ring395623
3302007-08-04Wolfgang (c) 战胜 Red Lightning(PBW Heavyweight Title Match)
PBW Dangerous Minds399985
3312007-07-29Wolfgang 战胜 Lionheart (c) - TITLE CHANGE !!!(BCW Openweight Title Match)
BCW Live The Dream - Tag 3400443
3322007-07-28Wolfgang 战胜 William Grange Esq.(Laird Of The Ring Tournament Quarter Final Match)
SWA Violation400683
3332007-07-22Wolfgang 战胜 Red Lightning(街头)
ICW ReZerection401114
3342007-06-30Wolfgang 战胜 BT Gunn(Singles Match)
BCW Live The Dream - Tag 2408640
3352007-06-29Wolfgang 战胜 William Grange Esq.(Singles Match)
BCW Live The Dream - Tag 1408754
3362007-06-24Wolfgang (c) 战胜 Bad Bones(PBW Heavyweight Title Match)
PBW Fully Charged409040
3372007-06-22Wolfgang 战胜 Scott Renwick(Singles Match)
3382007-05-27Wolfgang 战胜 AJ Anderson and Iain Robinson and Jake Rockwell and J Nattrass and John Britain and Lionheart and Little Dragon and Max Heat and Micky L and Shady Nattrass and Tim PerVito and XL Nattrass(皇家大战)
3392007-05-13Wolfgang 战胜 El Ligero(Singles Match)
3402007-04-21Falcon & Wolfgang 战胜 The Laandstrom Institute (Hatred & Jamie Walker) (c) - TITLE CHANGE !!!(SWA Tag Team Title Match)
SWA Point Of Impact II443359
3412007-04-08Allan Grogan & Wolfgang 战胜 Carl Conroy & Drew Galloway(Tag Team Match)
3422007-04-07Wolfgang (c) 战胜 Dave Moralez and Jay Phoenix and Lionheart(PBW Heavyweight Title Four Way Ladder Match)
PBW Breaking Limits 2 - One Year Anniversay450184
3432007-04-01Lionheart & Wolfgang 战胜 J Nattrass & Shady Nattrass(Tag Team Match)
3442007-03-30Liam Thomson & Wolfgang 战胜 Drew Galloway & Lionheart(Tag Team Match)
BCW Debut at Paisley Town Hall453471
3452007-03-17The A-List (Johnny Darko, KG Tyler, Micken & Wolfgang) 战胜 Team SWA (Adam Shame, Dragon Aisu, Glen Dunbar & White Tiger)(Clan Wars Match)
SWA Clan Wars III462381
3462007-03-17Wolfgang (c) 战胜 Lionheart(PBW Heavyweight Title Match)
PBW Breach Of The Peace462378
3472007-02-24Jack Jester vs. Wolfgang - Double Count Out(Singles Match)
BCW When Darkness Falls472103
3482007-02-18Wolfgang (c) 战胜 Liam Thomson(PBW Heavyweight Title Match)
PBW Urban Assault475149
3492007-02-17Wolfgang 战胜 Lionheart(Singles Match)
SWA Chaos on the Clyde II475414
3502006-11-25Wolfgang 战胜 GC Mac(Laird Of The Ring Tournament First Round Match)
SWA November 2 Remember356209
3512006-11-25Wolfgang 战胜 CJ Hunter(Singles Match)
BCW 356242
3522006-10-15Wolfgang 战胜 Red Lightning by DQ(Singles Match)
ICW Fear & Loathing - Debut Show373982
3532006-10-12Wolfgang 战胜 Drew Galloway(Singles Match)
3542006-09-29Wolfgang 战胜 Lionheart - TITLE CHANGE !!!(BCW Openweight Title Ladder Match (vakant))
BCW Retribution383200
3552006-07-15Wolfgang (c) 战胜 Allan Grogan(PBW Heavyweight Title Match)
PBW Unleashed430973
3562006-06-30Wolfgang 战胜 Brad Fusion(BCW Openweight Title Tournament Semi Final Match)
BCW Scarred For Glory435903
3572006-06-09Darkside vs. Wolfgang - Double Pin(Singles Match)
3582006-05-27Wolfgang 战胜 Lionheart(Singles Match)
BCW Path Of Glory - Tag 2451054
3592006-04-15T2K (Darkside & Wolfgang) 战胜 Lance Thunder & Tony Spitfire(Tag Team Match)
3602006-03-31Wolfgang 战胜 Jay Phoenix(PBW Heavyweight Title Tournament Semi Final Match)
PBW Breaking Limits476410
3612006-03-31Wolfgang 战胜 Drew Galloway - TITLE CHANGE !!!(PBW Heavyweight Title Tournament Final Match (vakant))
PBW Breaking Limits476413
3622006-03-25The A-List (Cage Tyler, Falcon, Johnny Darko) & T2K (Darkside & Wolfgang) 战胜 Team Cutting Edge (CJ Hunter, Flight, The Lowlanders (Glen Dunbar & Grant Dunbar) & White Tiger)(Clan Wars Match)
SWA Clan Wars II - Pain and Prejudice479557
3632006-03-04T2K (Darkside & Wolfgang) 战胜 The Manchester Massive (Declan O'Connor & Joey Hayes)(Tag Team Match)
FWA War At The Shore II486266
3642006-02-18T2K (Darkside & Wolfgang) 战胜 The Kartel (Sha Samuels & Terry Frazier) - TITLE CHANGE !!!(BCW Tag Team Title Match (vakant))
BCW Face Off491400
3652006-02-17Wolfgang 战胜 Jack Jester(Singles Match)
3662006-01-14T2K (Darkside & Wolfgang) 战胜 Gothika (Johnny Darko & Pyro) and Perfectly Natural (Mr. Natural & Pete O'Neil) (w/Damian O'Connor) and The Lowlanders (Glen Dunbar & Grant Dunbar) (c) - TITLE CHANGE !!!(Singles Match)
SWA Retribution II507665
3672005-09-30T2K (Darkside & Wolfgang) 战胜 Conquistador 3 & Kid Fite(Tag Team Match)
W3L September 2 Dismember885927
3682005-07-02T2K (Darkside & Wolfgang) 战胜 Brad Fusion & GTS(Tag Team Match)
3692004-10-29T2K (Darkside & Wolfgang) 战胜 Full Pack (Iain Robinson & Micky L)(Tag Team Falls Count Anywhere Match)
wZw Destruction Tour - Tag 1833424
3702004-09-03Jonny Storm, StEvie Knight & Wolfgang 战胜 Alex Shane, Doug Williams & Joe E. Legend(Six Man Tag Team Match)
BCW Revolution Day II840764
3712004-09-02T2K (Darkside & Wolfgang) 战胜 Jay Phoenix & Kolobos(Tag Team Match)
BCW Breakdown840818
3722004-08-27T2K (Darkside & Wolfgang) 战胜 D.O.A. (Kolobos & Punisher)(Tag Team Match)
BCW Deliverance 2841884
3732004-06-27Wolfgang 战胜 Drew Galloway (w/Charles Boddington)(Tag Team Match)
BCW No Blood, No Sympathy 2 - Tag 3849601
3742004-06-27T2K (Darkside & Wolfgang) 战胜 Iceman & Spitfire(Tag Team Match)
BCW No Blood, No Sympathy 2 - Tag 3849606
3752004-06-25T2K (Darkside & Wolfgang) 战胜 Full Pack (Iain Robinson & Micky L)(Ladder Tag Team Match)
BCW No Blood, No Sympathy 2 - Tag 1850476
3762004-04-30T2K (Darkside & Wolfgang) 战胜 D.O.A. (Kolobos & Punisher) (c) - TITLE CHANGE !!!(BCW Tag Team Title Match)
BCW New Beginnings - Tag 2857692
3772004-04-29T2K (Darkside & Wolfgang) 战胜 Carbon & Jay Phoenix and Kid Fite & StEvie Lynn and Marco Italiano & Toki and Red Lightning & Vinikama(Tag Team Battle Royal)
BCW New Beginnings - Tag 1857731
3782004-02-27eXodus & Kid Fite vs. T2K (Darkside & Wolfgang) - Double Count Out(Tag Team Match)
BCW Night Of The Fan866119
3792004-02-27Winner: Wolfgang(Twenty Man Battle Royal)
BCW Night Of The Fan866120
3802003-08-29Wolfgang 战胜 General Trent Steel (c) - TITLE CHANGE !!!(wZw Inter-Promotional Title Match)
BCW Deliverance798101
3812003-05-16Wolfgang 战胜 Highlander(无规则赛)
BCW Revolution Day810583
3822003-02-22Drew Galloway & Wolfgang 战胜 Blade & Stu Pendous(Tag Team Match)
BCW No Blood, No Sympathy - Tag 2820179
3832019-02-23Wolfgang 战胜 Flash Morgan Webster(Singles Match)
WWE NXT UK #341211327