(Maxx Stardom)的赛事-WWE选手资料

基本资料  比赛(259) 

12019-10-13Ricky Martinez 战胜 D3(Singles Match)
GWA 2nd Annual Cancer Benefit Show1222813
22019-04-20Josh Woods 战胜 Ricky Martinez (c) - TITLE CHANGE !!!(PPW Silverweight Title Match)
PPW Luchamania III: Springtime Melee1217872
32019-04-05Mance Warner & Sami Callihan 战胜 El Hijo de LA Park & Ricky Martinez(Tag Team Match)
MLW Battle Riot II1216335
42019-04-04Latin American Exchange (Ortiz & Santana) (w/Konnan) 战胜 Low Ki & Ricky Martinez (12:38)(Eight Man Tag Team Match)
Impact Wrestling United We Stand1216480
52019-04-04Low Ki & Ricky Martinez (w/Salina de la Renta) 战胜 ??? & ???(Singles Match)
MLW Rise Of The Renegades1216498
62019-03-16Jake St. Patrick 战胜 Maxx Stardom(Singles Match)
CCW Rage In A Cage1213735
72019-01-31The Worldwide Underground (PJ Black & Taya Valkyrie) 战胜 Diamante & Maxx Stardom(Tag Team Match)
Bar Wrestling 29: Four Touchdowns In A Single Game1209019
82019-01-27Ricky Martinez 战胜 Kris Karter and Spectacular JC(三重威胁赛)
GWA Resolution1208385
92019-01-19Ricky Martinez (c) 战胜 Wes Brisco(PPW Silverweight Title Match)
PPW Seasons Beatings 31207261
102019-01-05Maxx Stardom 战胜 Jeremiah Plunkett(Singles Match)
NWA Pop Up - New Years Clash1205625
112018-12-16Leinord White 战胜 Maxx Stardom (w/Salina de la Renta) (c) and DJ Z and Matt Cross and Neixen and Rey Horus(CWA Puerto Rico Title Christmas Street Fight)
CWA Christmas Showdown 20181205152
122018-12-14Ricky Martinez 战胜 Fred Yehi(Singles Match)
MLW Zero Hour1204380
132018-12-13Ricky Martinez 战胜 Gringo Loco(Singles Match)
MLW Never Say Never1204447
142018-11-04Extreme Tiger 战胜 Maxx Stardom (w/Brian Pillman Jr.)(Singles Match)
MAW All For One, One For All1150353
152018-10-20Maxx Stardom (c) 战胜 Chris Silvio and Dante Marquis Carter(PPW Silverweight Title Ladder Three Way Match)
PPW Halloslam1090936
162018-09-23Maxx Stardom 战胜 D'Marco Wilson and Danny Limelight(三重威胁赛)
Bumps And Brewses1086665
172018-09-22Andy Brown 战胜 Maxx Stardom (18:29)(Singles Match)
AWS Yay Wrestling1086906
182018-09-07Puma King 战胜 Jake Atlas and Maxx Stardom(三重威胁赛)
PCW ULTRA Vision Quest1085519
192018-09-06Ricky Martinez (w/Salina de la Renta) 战胜 Jake St. Patrick(Hurricane Six Man Tag Team Match)
MLW War Games1097476
202018-09-06Ricky Martinez (w/Salina de la Renta) 战胜 Jake St. Patrick(Simon Gotch Prize Fight Challenge Match ($2000 Prize))
MLW Fusion #251098949
212018-09-02Chuck Davis (c) 战胜 Chico Adams and Jesse Neal and Maxx Stardom (12:50)(RPW Top Crown Title Four Way Match)
RPW After Shock 20181084443
222018-08-18Barrington Hughes & Maxx Stardom 战胜 Stateline (Damien Angel & Eddie Taurus) and The Metro Brothers (Chris Metro & JC Metro) and The Dynasty (Kennedy Kendrick & Rex Bacchus) and Lindsay Snow & Shannon Moore(FTPW Tag Team Title #1 Contendership Gauntlet Match)
FTPW: Reanimated1082361
232018-08-18Deimos & Rob Terry (c) 战胜 Barrington Hughes & Maxx Stardom(FTPW Tag Team Title Match)
FTPW: Reanimated1082364
242018-08-07Maxx Stardom 战胜 Justin Matthews (9:10)(Singles Match)
RPW 3 Year Anniversary Show1134664
252018-07-31Lio Rush 战胜 Ricky Martinez (1:10)(Singles Match)
WWE 205 Live 2018.08.01 88期
262018-07-21Winner: Maxx Stardom(Ten Man Battle Royal)
TNT The Last Stand1132759
272018-07-12Ricky Martinez (w/Salina de la Renta) 战胜 Danny Santiago(Singles Match)
MLW Fusion #19 - Lucha Bros vs. ACH & Rich Swann1098968
282018-07-07Maxx Stardom (c) 战胜 Treehouse Lee(PPW Silverweight Title Match)
PPW Fight 4 Independence1077648
292018-06-07Low Ki 战胜 Ricky Martinez(Singles Match)
RAW 1993.04.13
302018-06-03Caveman 战胜 BLK Jeez and Grim Reefer and Maxx Stardom(Four Way Match)
NYC Get Rich Or Die Tryin1072888
312018-06-01Troy Hollywood 战胜 Maxx Stardom(Florida J-Cup 2018 First Round Match)
BELIEVE 159 Florida J-Cup 20181073244
322018-05-19Maxx Stardom (c) 战胜 Saieve Al Sabah(PPW Silverweight Title Match)
PPW LuchaMania 21071661
332018-05-10War Raiders (Hanson & Rowe) 战胜 Justin Storm & Ricky Martinez (2:35)(Tag Team Match)
WWE NXT 2018.06.14 304期
342018-05-05Maxx Stardom (c) 战胜 Alex Todd and Mecha Wolf(PPW Silverweight Title Three Way Match)
PPW Cinco de Mayo SlamFest1069905
352018-04-28Mike Orlando (c) 战胜 Maxx Stardom(FTPW Title Match)
FTPW Fight Club: Revenge1184380
362018-04-20JGeorge 战胜 Maxx Stardom(Singles Match)
NYC It Was All A Dream1068380
372018-04-07Maxx Stardom 战胜 Sam Shaw(Singles Match)
ICW Sprung Brawl1184387
382018-03-10Maxx Stardom 战胜 Alex Taylor and Andrew Everett and Kevin Weatherby(Four Way Match)
TNT The Art Of War III1064096
392018-02-11Samuel Shaw 战胜 Maxx Stardom(Singles Match)
UXW 25th Anniversary Show1100441
402018-02-10The Guadalupe Brothers (Julio Guadalupe & Stefan Guadalupe) 战胜 ERA & Maxx Stardom (c) - TITLE CHANGE !!!(ICW United States Tag Team Title Match)
ICW Ressurection 20181184389
412018-02-06Chico Adams (c) 战胜 Maxx Stardom (13:40)(RPW Top Crown Title Match)
RPW Expect The Unexpected1059870
422018-01-20Saieve Al Sabah 战胜 Chuckles The Clown and Maxx Stardom and Omar Amir and Samuel Shaw and The Haitian Sensation - TITLE CHANGE !!!(FTPW Golden Challenge Title Six Way Elimination TLC Match (vakant))
FTPW Fight Club: Reloaded1057614
432018-01-13Maxx Stardom 战胜 Slade Porter (w/Fabulous Frank)(Singles Match)
BBPW Brainbusters1057085
442017-12-17Maxx Stardom 战胜 The British Wolf(Singles Match)
452017-12-09Jesse Neal 战胜 Chris Silvio and Maxx Stardom (18:15) - TITLE CHANGE !!!(Sweetwater Heavyweight Title Three Way Match (vakant))
Sweetwater Fan Fest1115651
462017-12-02Maxx Stardom (c) 战胜 Sam Shaw(PPW Silverweight Title Match)
PPW Seasons Beatings 21124222
472017-11-17Snoop Strikes 战胜 Maxx Stardom(Non Title Match)
ACW Cripple Fight1051082
482017-11-17Mecha Wolf 450 (w/Lacey Lane) 战胜 Maxx Stardom(Singles Match)
PW2.0 La Ultima Cena1183596
492017-10-21Chasyn Rance & Sofi Castillo 战胜 Kaci Lennox & Maxx Stardom(Tag Team Match)
IGNITE Monsters Brawl1046927
502017-10-21Stryker Ramirez 战胜 Chasyn Rance and Maxx Stardom(三重威胁赛)
CCW Fall Brawl 20171047446
512017-10-07Chasyn Rance (c) 战胜 Maxx Stardom(AWE Cruiserweight Title Match)
AWE Wham! Bam! Slam!1045183
522017-08-24Lars Sullivan 战胜 Alfred Watkins, Jake James & Ricky Martinez (1:20)(Three On One Handicap Match)
WWE NXT 2017.09.07
532017-08-01Deakon Starr 战胜 Maxx Stardom (9:15)(Singles Match)
RPW 2 Year Anniversary1037159
542017-07-22Lacey Lane 战胜 Maxx Stardom(Singles Match)
IGNITE Slamfest 20171034994
552017-07-22Maxx Stardom 战胜 Alex Reynolds (12:30)(Singles Match)
RPW Battle Lines 20171035273
562017-07-01Maxx Stardom vs. Mr. 450 - Double DQ(PPW Silverweight Title #1 Contendership Match)
PPW Fight 4 Independence1032651
572017-07-01Maxx Stardom 战胜 Jason Cade (c) and Mr. 450 - TITLE CHANGE !!!(PPW Silverweight Title Triple Threat Match)
PPW Fight 4 Independence1032660
582017-06-06Barrington Hughes 战胜 Maxx Stardom (c) (6:05) - TITLE CHANGE !!!(RPW Coastal Pride Title Match)
RPW Uprising1029777
592017-06-02Maxx Stardom 战胜 Jesse Neal(Florida J Cup 2017 First Round Match)
BELIEVE 1401029040
602017-06-02Maxx Stardom 战胜 Aaron Epic(Florida J Cup 2017 Semi Final Match)
BELIEVE 1401029042
612017-06-02Jonny Vandal 战胜 Maxx Stardom(Florida J Cup 2017 Final Match)
BELIEVE 1401029044
622017-05-27Chasyn Rance 战胜 Maxx Stardom(Singles Match)
632017-05-20CJ O'Doyle 战胜 Maxx Stardom(Singles Match)
IGNITE Anarchy1027167
642017-05-13Maxx Stardom 战胜 Jude Jean(Singles Match)
652017-04-22Maxx Stardom 战胜 Jonny Vandal(ICW Title #1 Contendership Match)
ICW Lucha Fest V1100913
662017-04-22The System (Maxx Stardom & Mykal Manix) (c) 战胜 Drew Donovan & Jesse Sorensen(ICW United States Tag Team Title Match)
ICW Lucha Fest V1100907
672017-04-21Chasyn Rance 战胜 Alex Todd and Dude Hate and Faris Hakeem and Julian Kelevra and Markos Espada and Maxx Stardom and Nick Nero and Venomous - TITLE CHANGE !!!(AWE Cruiserweight Title Battle Royal (vakant))
AWE V For Victory1023392
682017-04-19Jeet Rama (w/Gurv Sihra & Harv Sihra) 战胜 Maxx Stardom(Tag Team Match)
WWE NXT 2017.05.04
692017-04-15Aaron Epic 战胜 Maxx Stardom(IGNITE Title Tournament First Round Match)
IGNITE Fight Night1022789
702017-04-08Maxx Stardom 战胜 Brian Cage(Singles Match)
PPW LuchaMania1022027
712017-04-04Maxx Stardom (c) 战胜 Markos Espada, Sideshow, Snoop Strikes & Steven Frick (7:35)(RPW Coastal Pride Title Five Way Match)
RPW Survival Of The Sickest 20171021412
722017-03-31Maxx Stardom 战胜 TK Stark(Singles Match)
BBPW Unstoppable Force1021171
732017-03-30Maxx Stardom 战胜 Alexander James and Dan Barry and Jason Cade and Tyler Murphy - TITLE CHANGE !!!(Florida Five Star Title Match (vakant))
OCW/FTPW Downtown Throwdown1021531
742017-03-29Sonjay Dutt 战胜 Chasyn Rance (c) and Maxx Stardom - TITLE CHANGE !!!(AWE Cruiserweight Title Three Way Match)
AWE Rock N Brawl1021120
752017-03-18That Klassic Tag Team (Kiko Harris & Kody Kastle) 战胜 JD Amazing & Maxx Stardom(Tag Team Match)
GW Episode 24 - 1 Year Anniversary Show1184391
762017-02-25Maxx Stardom 战胜 Jude Mackenzie (9:00)(Singles Match)
RPW Enemy Lines1014287
772017-02-18The Dead Man Circus (Chuckles, Damian King & Jester Yorick) 战胜 Barrington Hughes, Maxx Stardom & Sgt. Major Hardcore(Six Man Tag Team Match)
FTPW Fight Club: Round 31015134
782017-02-17Maxx Stardom 战胜 Lio Rush(Singles Match)
PPW Valentines Vengeance1015613
792017-02-11Tony DaBlack 战胜 Maxx Stardom(Singles Match)
CCW Heartbreakers1013636
802017-02-07Maxx Stardom (c) 战胜 Troy Hollywood (8:10)(RPW Coastal Pride Title Match)
RPW Fury1013358
812017-02-04Maxx Stardom 战胜 TK Stark(Singles Match)
BBPW 1 Year Anniversary Show - Broken Dreams1016430
822017-01-28Sideshow 战胜 Maxx Stardom(Singles Match)
BRAWL Breakdown1171815
832017-01-21Maxx Stardom (c) 战胜 Mike Monroe (w/Jim Sherbert) and Richard Delicious (20:05)(RPW Coastal Pride Title Three Way Match)
RPW New Horizons1011429
842017-01-19Lindsay Snow & Shannon Moore 战胜 Angel Rose & Maxx Stardom(Tag Team Match)
852017-01-07Jason Cade 战胜 ERA and Maxx Stardom and Nick Nero and Sean Maluta and Snoop Strikes - TITLE CHANGE !!!(PPW Silverweight Title Six Way Match (vakant))
PPW Seasons Beatings1010287
862016-11-19Maxx Stardom 战胜 Chico Adams(Singles Match)
BBPW Thanksgiving Throwdown268
872016-11-05The System (Maxx Stardom & Mykal Manix) (c) 战胜 The Guadalupe Brothers (Julio Guadalupe & Stefan Guadalupe)(ICW United States Tag Team Title Match)
ICW Lucha Fest IV2458
882016-11-05Barrington Hughes, Dash Maverick, Maxx Stardom & Teddy Khan 战胜 M726 (Eduardo Rocca, Elias Vega, Milton Cienfuegos & Sasso Rivera)(Eight Man Tag Team Match)
ICW Lucha Fest IV2461
892016-11-01Angel Rose & Maxx Stardom 战胜 Aria Blake & TC Read (w/Jim Sherbert)(Tag Team Match)
RPW The Crowning II2997
902016-10-04Sideshow (c) 战胜 Maxx Stardom (w/Angel Rose)(Singles Match)
RPW Breaking Boundaries 20167327
912016-09-10Maxx Stardom (c) 战胜 David Mercury(RPW Coastal Pride Title Match)
RPW Freedom Fight11682
922016-09-06Maxx Stardom (c) 战胜 Donovan Danhausen(RPW Coastal Pride Title Match)
RPW Overdrive 201612238
932016-08-27Chico Adams 战胜 Chasyn Rance and Maxx Stardom(三重威胁赛)
942016-08-12The System (Maxx Stardom & Mykal Manix) (c) 战胜 New Blood Rizing (J-Dawg Brooks & Madd Dawg)(ICW United States Tag Team Title Match)
ICW Thunder Rumble16172
952016-08-12Angel Rose 战胜 Adrian Marx and Alex Todd and Aron Agony and Dude Hate and Ernest R. Alexander III and Evan Sky and John Beaver and Joker and Julian Kelevra and Madd Dawg and Maxx Stardom and Mykal Manix and Nacio Baron and Q-Ba Libre and Sasso Rivera and Shawn Prime and Skull Mussolini and Speedy and Teddy Khan(20 Man Royal Rumble)
ICW Thunder Rumble16177
962016-08-02Maxx Stardom 战胜 Chico Adams (w/Jordan Owens) (c) (11:05) - TITLE CHANGE !!!(Singles Match)
RPW 1 Year Anniversary17721
972016-07-05Chico Adams (w/Jordan Owens) (c) 战胜 Maxx Stardom(Singles Match)
RPW Road To Destiny22214
982016-07-02Maxx Stardom 战胜 Chasyn Rance (w/Mila Naniki)(Singles Match)
Pro Wrestling Grand Prix22542
992016-06-24Maxx Stardom 战胜 Mike Monroe (c) by DQ(ICW Title Match)
ICW/UKnow Summer Brawl 201624074
1002016-06-24The System (Maxx Stardom & Mykal Manix) 战胜 The TECH Squad (Mike Monroe & TC Read) - TITLE CHANGE !!!(ICW United States Tag Team Title Match (vakant))
ICW/UKnow Summer Brawl 201624075