(Damien Smith)的赛事-WWE选手资料

基本资料  比赛(73) 

12020-01-24Dame (c) 战胜 Stockade(ACW Heavyweight Title Match)
ACW If I Were Me1224856
22019-02-09Andy Header (c) 战胜 Dame Smith(OutBreak Title Best Two Out Of Three Falls Match)
OutBreak Desolation - Misery Loves Company1209814
32019-02-02Breaux Keller (c) 战胜 Dame Smith(ACW Heavyweight Title Match)
ACW Shape Of Things To Come1208830
42019-02-02Dame Smith 战胜 Victor Benjamin (w/Lady Frost) - TITLE CHANGE !!!(ACW Cruiserweight Title Match (vakant))
ACW Shape Of Things To Come1208834
52018-12-15Colby Corino (c) 战胜 Dame Smith(ACW Cruiserweight Title Match)
ACW Glory To The Brave1204577
62018-11-10Cortez Castro 战胜 Damien Smith(Singles Match)
OutBreak United We Slam: Battle Born1201970
72018-09-30Nicholas (w/Carl Martins) 战胜 Damien Smith(Singles Match)
Beyond Studio Wrestling1087586
82018-09-23Atticus Cogar 战胜 Ashton Day and Calvin Couture and Damien Smith and Jordan Oliver and Josh Fuller and Malcolm Monroe III and Marc-Anthony Alejandro and Nick Nero and Patrick Scott and StEvie Shields(Welterweight Rumble Match)
WW 41086721
92018-09-08Andy Header 战胜 Damien Smith (c) - TITLE CHANGE !!!(OutBreak Title Match)
OutBreak Something Like Human1201982
102018-07-22Damien Smith (c) 战胜 Robbie Radke(OutBreak Title Match)
OutBreak Epidemic C1201992
112018-05-19Damien Smith 战胜 Tyler Ash(OutBreak Title Tournament Semi Final Match)
OutBreak Epidemic B1201999
122018-05-19Damien Smith 战胜 Drew Bronson - TITLE CHANGE !!!(OutBreak Title Tournament Final Match (vakant))
OutBreak Epidemic B1202002
132018-05-19Damien Smith 战胜 Aaron Nasty(OutBreak Title Tournament First Round Match)
OutBreak Epidemic B1201994
142018-03-17Xavier Cross 战胜 Damien Smith and Sebastian Cage and Steve Scott(Four Way Match)
OPW Turning Point1064418
152018-01-27Maxwell Jacob Friedman (w/Stokely Hathaway) 战胜 Brandon Watts and Damien Smith and Jay Freddie and Josh Briggs and Mike Verna (w/Dan Barry)(Singles Match)
Beyond Spirit Of 761058315
162018-01-13Stan Stylez 战胜 Damien Smith(Singles Match)
OutBreak Epidemic A1098310
172017-12-31Kyle The Beast 战胜 Damien Smith(Dark Match)
Beyond Heavy Lies The Crown1104364
182017-11-19Pelle Primeau 战胜 Damien Smith(Masters Of The Mat 3 Tournament First Round Match)
OPW Masters Of The Mat 31202005
192017-11-12Wheeler YUTA 战胜 Damien Smith(Tournament For Tomorrow 2017 First Round Match)
Beyond Unprofessional1049793
202017-11-03Billy Avery 战胜 Damien Smith(Singles Match)
NeoFight Pro1049540
212017-10-07Patrick Hayes 战胜 Damien Smith (9:21)(Singles Match)
PWX Desperate Measures1202016
222017-09-28Damien Smith 战胜 Tahir James(Singles Match)
ECWA Showcase1202027
232017-09-23Damien Smith 战胜 Billy Avery and Jeff Cannonball and Marc Angel(OPW Unlimited Title Tournament Four Way Semi Final Match)
OPW One Step Closer1202033
242017-09-17James Bandy (c) 战胜 Adrian Alanis and Bobby Flaco and Damien Parker and Damien Smith and Jaxon Vile and Kavron Kanyon and Mighty Vic and Rudy Wristlock and Ryan Rembrandt and Tommy Maserati and Tony Midas(WWA4 Heavyweight Title Free 4 All Battle Royal)
WrestleMania 1
252017-09-14Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) 战胜 Damien Smith & Markos Espada (1:48)(Tag Team Match)
WWE NXT 2017.10.12
262017-08-26Breaker Morant (c) 战胜 Damien Smith(ECWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title Match)
ECWA Beach Blast 20171040123
272017-08-03Damien Smith 战胜 Jacob Tarasso(Singles Match)
ECWA Showcase1202039
282017-08-02Josh Adams 战胜 Damien Smith(Singles Match)
CZW Dojo Wars #1381098590
292017-07-26Josh Adams 战胜 Damien Smith by DQ (8:24)(Singles Match)
CZW Dojo Wars #1371098608
302017-07-19Josh Adams (c) 战胜 Damien Smith (9:16)(WWF Title Match)
CZW Dojo Wars #136 - Battle Of The Belts1202047
312017-07-12Josh Adams 战胜 Damien Smith by DQ (8:52)(Singles Match)
CZW Dojo Wars #1351098626
322017-07-05Emily 战胜 Damien Smith (5:31)(Singles Match)
CWZ Dojo Wars #1341098632
332017-06-28Josh Adams 战胜 Damien Smith (4:04)(Singles Match)
CZW Dojo Wars #1331098642
342017-06-21Damien Smith, Frankie Pickard & Tahir James 战胜 Josh Adams, Kit Osbourne & Mike Del (9:19)(Six Man Tag Team Match)
CZW Dojo Wars #1321098669
352017-05-14D-Man & Jake Atlas 战胜 D'Marco Wilson & Damien Smith(Tag Team Match)
CWFH TV Taping1026726
362017-05-13Damien Smith 战胜 Biagio Crescenzo by DQ(Singles Match)
MPW Remember The Name1026349
372017-04-19Jarek 1-20 战胜 Damien Smith (7:04)(Singles Match)
CZW Dojo Wars #1231098762
382017-04-06Mike Gunn 战胜 Damien Smith and Jarrod 120 and Jon Averson and Leon Ruff and Robin and Sage Cook and Takuri and The Reflection and The Robot(Ten Man Battle Royal)
392017-02-25Koto Hiro 战胜 Damien Smith(Singles Match)
MPW My Bloody Valentine1014366
402017-01-21Damien Smith 战胜 Jake Atlas(Singles Match)
MCW New Year's EVE-IL1011084
412016-12-11Funny Bone 战胜 Damien Smith (w/Jacob Diez)(Singles Match)
AOW Ghost Of Christmas Bash 20161008509
422016-12-10Airon Skye 战胜 Damien Smith and Koto Hiro(Three Way Elimination Match)
432016-12-04Jarek 1-20 战胜 Damien Smith(Percy Pringle III Cup Qualifying Match)
CWFH TV Taping1007715
442016-10-29Cereal Man 战胜 Damien Smith(Singles Match)
452016-10-22Mr. Impact 战胜 Damien Smith (3:24)(Singles Match)
Baja Star's USA4658
462016-10-21D'Marco Wilson 战胜 Damien Smith (15:48)(Singles Match)
472016-10-15Johnny Yuma 战胜 Angel Ateu and Damien Smith and Steven Andrews(Four Way Match)
482016-10-01D'Marco Wilson 战胜 Damien Smith and Veinom(三重威胁赛)
492016-09-18Mike Knox 战胜 Andre MACHievski and Angel Ateu and Anjul Stone and Ashley Grace and Biggie Biggz and Blake Grayson and Bobby Rios and Captain Frey and Damien Smith and Doc Shady and El Hype and Eric Watts and Human Tornado and Jacob Tarasso and Johnny Kai and Johnny Manson and Johnny Yuma and Lonnie Laguna and Mike Chapman and Mike James and Mikey O'Shea and Mondo Vega and Peter Avalon and Riki De La Paz and Ruben Iglesias and Rudy Rodgers and Ryan J. Morals and Scorpio Sky and Sexy Chino and The American Oni and Toom E. Guci(32 Man Valley Rumble Match)
AOW Valley Rumble 201610082
502016-09-17Johnny Kai (w/Jeff The Ref) 战胜 Damien Smith and Ruben Iglesias(三重威胁赛)
512016-08-20Johnny Kai 战胜 Damien Smith(Singles Match)
522016-08-13Guy Cool 战胜 Damien Smith(Singles Match)
OCCW Glory Days15995
532016-08-05Bo Cooper 战胜 Damien Smith(Singles Match)
542016-07-30Bobby Rios & Damien Smith 战胜 Ricky The Activist & Shiloh Greaves(Tag Team Match)
Hope Indy Pro18260
552016-07-29The Study Buddies (Chaz Herrera & Darwin Finch) 战胜 Damien Smith & Duke Bennett(Tag Team Match)
562016-07-17Damien Smith 战胜 Robby Phoenix(Singles Match)
OCCW Hard Times20188
572016-07-10Tito Escondido 战胜 Alexander Hammerstone and Big Duke and Brody King and Buddy Royal and CoACH Flexo and Damien Smith and Dan Joseph and Danny Limelight and Devin Sparks and Dicky Mayer and DJ Hyde and Drew Gulak and Eric Cross and Espiritu and Gino Rivera and Gregory Sharpe and Jarek 1-20 and Joey Ryan and Johnny Yuma and Jorel Nelson and JR Kratos and Julius Coleman and Kevin Martenson and Levi Shapiro and Lou Diamond Philips and Nick Madrid and Ryan Taylor and Sasha Darevko and Suede Thompson and Timothy Thatcher and Tito Escondido and Troy McGuire and Willie Mack(Red Carpet Rumble Match)
CWFH Red Carpet Rumble 201621396
582016-06-26Eric Watts 战胜 Damien Smith & Eric Cross(Two On One Handicap Match)
CWFH TV Taping23334
592016-06-25Damien Soul, Devin Sparks & Oso Blanco (w/Lex Icon) 战胜 Chaz Herrera, Damien Smith & Roman Alexander (w/Toom E. Guci)(Six Man Tag Team Match)
House Of Grace Fundraiser Event23750
602016-06-18Tyler Bateman (c) 战胜 Damien Smith(UWN Television Title Match)
612016-05-28Damien Smith 战胜 Johnny Kai and Mike James and Mikey O'Shea(Fatal Four Way Match)
622016-04-16Scorpio Sky 战胜 Damien Smith(Singles Match)
632016-04-09Damien Smith 战胜 Biggie Biggz and Sean Black(Three Way Elimination Match)
DW Frontline37245
642016-03-19Ashley Grace & Jorel Nelson 战胜 Damien Smith & Devin Dalton(Dark Tag Team Match)
SCP March Madness 201641003
652016-03-12Damien Smith 战胜 Dark Usagi and Rudy(三重威胁赛)
OCCW Good Vs. Evil42067
662016-02-20Jacob Diez 战胜 Damien Smith and Johnny Suarez and Kadin Anthony (8:56)(Four Way Match)
FCW Kontrolled Kaos46038
672016-01-31Sasha Darevko 战胜 Damien Smith and Tyler Bateman(三重威胁赛)
AOW Unleashed V48802
682016-01-16Andre MACHievski, Damien Smith & Rudy Luna 战胜 Sickhouse (Johnny Manson, Michael Kruger & Mike James)(Six Man Tag Team Match)
692016-01-09Sasha Darevko 战胜 Damien Smith(Singles Match)
SCP New Year's Retribution 201652105
702015-11-21Damien Smith 战胜 Ashley Grace(Singles Match)
712015-11-20Markus Riot 战胜 Damien Smith(West Coast Cruiser Cup 2015 First Round Match)
UEW West Coast Cruiser Cup 2015 - Tag 159253
722015-10-24Rudy Luna 战胜 Damien Smith(Singles Match)
732015-04-04Jacob Diez (w/Jon Allen) 战胜 Damien Smith and Eli Everfly(三重威胁赛)
Touch Of Hardcore: Take II265250