(Damien Smith)-WWE选手资料

基本资料  比赛(73) 

12020-01-24Dame (c) 战胜 Stockade(ACW Heavyweight Title Match)
ACW If I Were Me1224856
22019-02-02Dame Smith 战胜 Victor Benjamin (w/Lady Frost) - TITLE CHANGE !!!(ACW Cruiserweight Title Match (vakant))
ACW Shape Of Things To Come1208834
32018-07-22Damien Smith (c) 战胜 Robbie Radke(OutBreak Title Match)
OutBreak Epidemic C1201992
42018-05-19Damien Smith 战胜 Tyler Ash(OutBreak Title Tournament Semi Final Match)
OutBreak Epidemic B1201999
52018-05-19Damien Smith 战胜 Drew Bronson - TITLE CHANGE !!!(OutBreak Title Tournament Final Match (vakant))
OutBreak Epidemic B1202002
62018-05-19Damien Smith 战胜 Aaron Nasty(OutBreak Title Tournament First Round Match)
OutBreak Epidemic B1201994
72017-09-28Damien Smith 战胜 Tahir James(Singles Match)
ECWA Showcase1202027
82017-09-23Damien Smith 战胜 Billy Avery and Jeff Cannonball and Marc Angel(OPW Unlimited Title Tournament Four Way Semi Final Match)
OPW One Step Closer1202033
92017-08-03Damien Smith 战胜 Jacob Tarasso(Singles Match)
ECWA Showcase1202039
102017-06-21Damien Smith, Frankie Pickard & Tahir James 战胜 Josh Adams, Kit Osbourne & Mike Del (9:19)(Six Man Tag Team Match)
CZW Dojo Wars #1321098669
112017-05-13Damien Smith 战胜 Biagio Crescenzo by DQ(Singles Match)
MPW Remember The Name1026349
122017-01-21Damien Smith 战胜 Jake Atlas(Singles Match)
MCW New Year's EVE-IL1011084
132016-07-30Bobby Rios & Damien Smith 战胜 Ricky The Activist & Shiloh Greaves(Tag Team Match)
Hope Indy Pro18260
142016-07-17Damien Smith 战胜 Robby Phoenix(Singles Match)
OCCW Hard Times20188
152016-05-28Damien Smith 战胜 Johnny Kai and Mike James and Mikey O'Shea(Fatal Four Way Match)
162016-04-09Damien Smith 战胜 Biggie Biggz and Sean Black(Three Way Elimination Match)
DW Frontline37245
172016-03-12Damien Smith 战胜 Dark Usagi and Rudy(三重威胁赛)
OCCW Good Vs. Evil42067
182016-01-16Andre MACHievski, Damien Smith & Rudy Luna 战胜 Sickhouse (Johnny Manson, Michael Kruger & Mike James)(Six Man Tag Team Match)
192015-11-21Damien Smith 战胜 Ashley Grace(Singles Match)