(Ethan Page)-TNA选手资料

基本资料  比赛(847) 

12020-01-12The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) (c) 战胜 Willie Mack(Impact World Tag Team Title Two On One Handicap Match)
Impact Wrestling Hard To Kill1224427
22019-10-26The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) (c) 战胜 Eddie Edwards & Naomichi Marufuji(Impact World Tag Team Title Match)
iMPACT 2019.11.14 799期
32019-10-20The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) (c) 战胜 Rich Swann & Willie Mack and Rhino & Rob Van Dam(Impact World Tag Team Title Triple Threat Match)
Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory 20191223442
42019-08-04The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) (c) 战胜 Reno SCUM (Adam Thornstowe & Luster The Legend)(Impact World Tag Team Title Match)
iMPACT 2019.08.24 788期
52019-07-20The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) (c) 战胜 Daga & Ortiz (w/Konnan)(Singles Match)
iMPACT 2019.08.10 786期
62019-07-20The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) (c) 战胜 The Rascalz (Dez & Trey)(Impact World Tag Team Title Match)
iMPACT 2019.08.03 785期
72019-07-07The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) (c) 战胜 Latin American Exchange (Ortiz & Santana) (w/Konnan) and The Rascalz (Dez & Wentz) (w/Trey) (7:30)(Impact X-Division Title Match)
Impact Wrestling Slammiversary XVII1222269
82019-06-07The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) 战胜 The Deaners (Cody Deaner & Cousin Jake)(Tag Team Match)
iMPACT 2019.06.29 780期
92019-06-06The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) 战胜 Rob Van Dam & Sabu (w/Super Genie)(Singles Match)
iMPACT 2019.06.16 778期
102019-05-05The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) 战胜 The Rascalz (Dez & Wentz)(Tag Team Match)
HOG/Impact Wrestling Code Red1219400
112019-04-28Moose & The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) 战胜 The Rascalz (Dez, Trey & Wentz)(Six Man Tag Team Match)
Impact Wrestling Rebellion1218478
122019-04-04Ethan Page 战胜 Sami Callihan and Shane Strickland(DWW Title #1 Contendership Three Way Match)
DWW/FCP Fight For Destiny1216510
132019-03-23Ethan Page & Josh Alexander 战胜 El Reverso & Rich Swann(Tag Team Match)
Impact Wrestling TV Taping1214692
142019-03-22The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) 战胜 El Reverso & Sheldon Jean(Tag Team Match)
iMPACT 2019.04.13 769期
152019-03-22The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) 战胜 El Reverso & Sheldon Jean(Tag Team Match)
Impact Wrestling TV Taping1214918
162019-03-09Ethan Page & Kobe Durst 战胜 No New Friends (Danny Adams & Mike Outlaw) and The Philly Marino Experience (Marino T & Philly C) and The Production (Derek Director & Eddy Only)(BLP Tag Team Title Tournament First Round Four Way Match)
BLP Whoomp! There It Is!1213508
172019-03-08Ethan Page 战胜 Isaias Velazquez(Singles Match)
FW Thrill Your Idols1213557
182019-01-18Ethan Page 战胜 Ethan Price(Singles Match)
192019-01-07Ethan Page 战胜 Eddie Edwards by DQ(Singles Match)
Impact Wrestling TV Taping1206094
202018-12-09Ethan Page 战胜 Holden Albright(Singles Match)
CPW Can't Stop This Thing We Started1203811
212018-11-16Ethan Page 战胜 D-Lo Brown (11:44)(Singles Match)
GCW Joey Janela's LA Confidential1093901
222018-11-12Ethan Page 战胜 Matt Sydal (15:25)(终极X资格赛)
iMPACT 2018.12.07 751期
232018-11-12Ethan Page 战胜 Matt Sydal(终极X资格赛)
Impact Wrestling TV Taping1092843
242018-11-04Ethan Page 战胜 Maxwell Jacob Friedman (c) - TITLE CHANGE !!!(Xcite Heavyweight Title Match)
A1 Forever Causin A Ruckus1134207
252018-11-03Ethan Page 战胜 Jordynne Grace (c) (16:40) - TITLE CHANGE !!!(BLP Heavyweight Title Falls Count Anywhere Match)
BLP Big Trouble In Little Crown Point1092223
262018-10-21Ethan Page 战胜 Maxwell Jacob Friedman(Grudge Match)
A1 Another Long Halloween1091044
272018-10-19Ethan Page 战胜 Jake Manning(Singles Match)
FW It Came From Beneat The Ring1132735
282018-10-15Ethan Page (w/Matt Sydal) 战胜 Trevor Lee (6:25)(Singles Match)
iMPACT 2018.10.19 744期
292018-10-10Moonlight Express (MAO & Mike Bailey), Ethan Page & Priscilla Kelly 战胜 Akito, Jun Kasai, Masahiro Takanashi & Saki Akai (11:24)(Eight Man Tag Team Match)
DDT Live! Maji Manji #201089683
302018-10-08Ethan Page 战胜 Yuki Ino (7:37)(Singles Match)
DDT Road To Ryogoku 2018 ~ Dramatic Dream Toruhokake ~1088483
312018-10-07Ethan Page & Jason Kincaid 战胜 DAMNATION (Nobuhiro Shimatani & Soma Takao) (9:20)(Tag Team Match)
DDT Road To Ryogoku 2018 ~ Dramatic Dream Tomorokoshi ~1088536
322018-10-06Moonlight Express (MAO & Mike Bailey) & Ethan Page 战胜 Sanshiro Takagi, Super Sasadango MACHine & Tomomitsu Matsunaga (7:27)(Six Man Tag Team Match)
DDT Road To Ryogoku 2018 ~ Dramatic Dream Tarabagani ~1088654
332018-09-25Ethan Page & Keisuke Ishii 战胜 RENEGADES (Jason Kincaid & Shigehiro Irie) (7:19)(Tag Team Match)
DDT Live! Maji Manji #18 ~ Shibuya Stream Opening Commemoration Pro-Wrestling Kokera Otoshi Special1087207
342018-09-24Ethan Page & Mike Bailey 战胜 DAMNATION (Mad Paulie & Nobuhiro Shimatani) (9:35)(Tag Team Match)
DDT Shinshu Char Siu Mino No Shu1086572
352018-09-23Ethan Page 战胜 Kazusada Higuchi (7:48)(Singles Match)
DDT Road To Ryogoku 20181086704
362018-08-17Ethan Page 战胜 Penelope Ford (5:55)(Singles Match)
GCW Joey Janela's Lost In New York1082036
372018-08-05Ethan Page 战胜 Charles Blackwolf(Singles Match)
CPW Golden Dawn Crowning Of A Champion1148852
382018-08-02Ethan Page 战胜 Elliot Russell and O'Shay Edwards(Bandit Heavyweight Title Tournament First Round Three Way Match)
Bandit Wrestling1147748
392018-08-02Ethan Page 战胜 Clayton Gainz(Bandit Heavyweight Title Tournament Semi Final Match)
Bandit Wrestling1147753
402018-07-29The Monster Mafia (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) 战胜 Alessandro Del Bruno & Mark Wheeler(Three Stages Of Hell Tag Team Match)
A1 The Purge III1079551
412018-07-15Monster Mafia (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) 战胜 Riot Makers (Holden Albright & Stratos Fear)(Tag Team Match)
A1 Battle By The Big Apple1078706
422018-06-30Monster Mafia (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) 战胜 Trial By Violence (Gabriel Kidd & Saxon Huxley)(Tag Team Match)
SWE Die Another Day1148862
432018-06-17Ethan Page 战胜 Matt Tremont(Singles Match)
WHAT V1098103
442018-06-15Arik Cannon vs. Ethan Page - Double DQ(Singles Match)
FW Freelance Vs. The World 41148869
452018-05-27The Monster Mafia (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) 战胜 Alessandro Del Bruno & Mark Wheeler(Tag Team Match Grudge Match)
A1 Immortal Kombat1072802
462018-05-11Ethan Page (c) 战胜 Carlito(SWE World Heavyweight Title Match)
SWE Cruel Intentions 20181097511
472018-05-06Ethan Page (c) 战胜 Brady Phillips and Gabriel Kidd and Joseph Conners(SWE World Heavyweight Title Four Way Match)
SWE Notorious 81115006
482018-04-29Ethan Page (c) 战胜 Mark Wheeler (w/Alessandro Del Bruno)(Singles Match)
A1 Game Of Throws1069230
492018-04-27Ethan Page 战胜 StEvie Fierce(Singles Match)
FU B Is For Baderbrawl 51148895
502018-04-21Ethan Page 战胜 Kobe Durst(Singles Match)
BLP Slamilton1148906
512018-04-20Ethan Page 战胜 Matthew Justice(Singles Match)
AIW Ain't Nothing But A Gangsta Party1068706
522018-04-15Ethan Page (c) 战胜 Josh Briggs(SWE Heavyweight Title Match)
A1 Show Me What You Got1148922
532018-04-01Colt Cabana, Ethan Page & Joey Ryan 战胜 Danshoku Dino, Makoto Oishi & Super Sasadango MACHine (12:18)(Six Man Tag Team Match)
DDT April Fool 20181065640
542018-03-07Ethan Page 战胜 Tomoya Hirata (9:30)(Singles Match)
DDT DNA 421063470
552018-03-02Ethan Page 战胜 Kouki Iwasaki (6:21)(Singles Match)
DDT Shin-Kiba Ikimasu!1062603
562018-02-25Ethan Page (c) 战胜 Brady Phillips(SWE Heavyweight Title Match)
SWE Battle Of The Egos 81103822
572018-02-24Ethan Page (c) 战胜 Kay Lee Ray(SWE Heavyweight Title Match)
SWE Risky Business 20181103834
582018-02-18Ethan Page (c) 战胜 Josh Briggs and Mark Wheeler and Kobe Durst(SWE Heavyweight Title Four Way Elimination Match)
A1 Keep The Dream Alive1061225
592018-02-04Ethan Page (c) 战胜 Alessandro Del Bruno(SWE Heavyweight Title Match)
NSW Game Day1059658
602018-02-03Ethan Page (c) 战胜 Alessandro Del Bruno(SWE Heavyweight Title Match)
A1 The Sands Of Time1059724
612018-01-19The Thick Boys (Jay Freddie & John Silver) & Ethan Page 战胜 The Dream Team (Austin Theory, Christian Casanova & Mr. Grim)(Six Man Tag Team Match)
Limitless The World Is Ours1057839
622018-01-14Ethan Page 战胜 Simon Grimm(Singles Match)
632018-01-12Ethan Page 战胜 Arik Cannon(Singles Match)
FW Stained Glass Ceilings1148935
642018-01-06Ethan Page 战胜 Colt Cabana(Singles Match)
F1RST Wrestling Wrestlepalooza XI1056122
652017-12-27Ethan Page 战胜 Stratos Fear(Singles Match)
NSW Seasons Beatings1148944
662017-12-17Ethan Page (c) 战胜 Gregory Iron(SWE Heavyweight Title Match)
A1 Watch The Throne 51055505
672017-12-15Ethan Page (c) 战胜 Peter Avalon(SWE Heavyweight Title Match)
FW Always Fresh, Never Frozen1149057
682017-12-07Ethan Page 战胜 Air Wolf and Jimmy Jacobs(三重威胁赛)
F1RST Wrestling Uptown VFW1053877
692017-12-01Ethan Page 战胜 Kikutaro(Singles Match)
PCW ULTRA Refuse To Lose1053090
702017-11-26Ethan Page (c) 战胜 Josh Alexander(SWE Heavyweight Title Match (Special Referee: Cody Rhodes))
A1 Final Act 81052414
712017-11-18Ethan Page (c) 战胜 Blake Belakis(SWE Heavyweight Title Match)
PGP Emergency Response 5: Alarm Fire1051335
722017-11-17Team StEvie (Darin Corbin, Ethan Page, Kobe Durst & Stevie Fierce) 战胜 Team Suge (GPA, Rob Matter, Space Monkey & Suge D)(Eight Man Tag Team Elimination Match)
FW Things1139242
732017-11-11Ethan Page (c) 战胜 The Space Monkey(SWE Heavyweight Title Match)
CZW Night Of Infamy 20171050048
742017-11-09Chandler Park (w/Joseph Park) 战胜 Jon Bolen (2:40)(IMPACT Grand Title Three Way Best Two Out Of Three Falls Match)
iMPACT 2018.01.05 703期
752017-10-29Ethan Page (c) 战胜 Big Grizzly(SWE Heavyweight Title Match)
Kamikaze Pro Bank On It 51048222
762017-10-28Ethan Page 战胜 BT Gunn (c) and HC Dyer and Mike Bird and Sean Kustom and Senza Volto and Tucker - TITLE CHANGE !!!(SWE Heavyweight Title Seven Way Match)
SWE 7th Anniversary Show: Masked Mania1097560
772017-10-21Ethan Page 战胜 Manny Fernandez(BLP Heavyweight Title Tournament First Round Match)
BLP The Darkest Timeline Tournament Phase 21149077
782017-10-20Ethan Page 战胜 Dingo(Singles Match)
FW The Shining...Wizard1149086
792017-10-15Ethan Page 战胜 Evil Uno(Singles Match)
AWE #AbsoluteAWE1047279
802017-10-07Ethan Page vs. Frankie Feathers - Double Count Out(DiPaolo Cup Qualifying Match)
ESW Wrestle Brothers1045206
812017-10-01Cody Rhodes & Ethan Page (c) 战胜 The Besties In The World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett)(A1 Tag Team Title Match)
A1 Still Causing A Ruckus1044605
822017-09-30Ethan Page 战胜 Sonny Kiss(Singles Match)
C4 Strange Days1044646
832017-09-24Cheech, Eric Cairnie & Ethan Page 战胜 Virus (Danny Adams, Donovan Danhausen & Gavin Quinn)(Six Man Tag Team Match)
A1 The Phantom Of The Banquet Hall1044335
842017-09-23Ethan Page 战胜 Ernest Miller by DQ(Singles Match)
BLP The Darkest Timeline Tournament Phase 11149096
852017-09-22ACH & Ethan Page 战胜 Anthony Henry & James Drake (c) - TITLE CHANGE !!!(EVOLVE Tag Team Title Match)
EVOLVE 921043073
862017-09-17Cody Deaner, Ethan Page & Tyler Tirva 战胜 Josh Alexander, Steve Brown & Taylor Kay-deen(Six Man Tag Team Match)
CPW Determination1136630
872017-09-15DJ Z, Ethan Carter III, Ethan Page, Gringo Loco & Laredo Kid 战胜 AJ Gray, Garrison King, Joshua Bishop, Malcolm Monroe III & Tre Lamar(Ten Man Tag Team Match)
AIW Cold As Ice1042509
882017-09-10Ethan Page 战胜 Steve Brown(St. Catherines Street Fight Match)
A1 Beyond Compare1042344
892017-08-12Ethan Page 战胜 ACH(Singles Match)
EVOLVE 911037781
902017-08-11ACH & Ethan Page 战胜 Catch Point (Chris Dickinson & Jaka)(Tag Team Match)
EVOLVE 901037463
912017-07-30Cody Rhodes & Ethan Page (c) 战胜 Virus (Gavin Quinn & Josh Alexander)(A1 Tag Team Title Match)
A1 The Purge 21099103
922017-07-29ACH & Ethan Page 战胜 The Gym Nasty Boyz (Timmy Lou Retton & White Mike)(Tag Team Match)
BCW Dawn Of A New Era1036366
932017-07-21Ethan Page 战胜 Shawn Schultz(Singles Match)
AIW Absolution XII1035415
942017-06-25Ethan Page 战胜 Thomas Sharp(Singles Match)
EVOLVE 871031924
952017-06-18Cody Rhodes & Ethan Page 战胜 Virus (Gavin Quinn & Josh Alexander) (c) - TITLE CHANGE !!!(A1 Tag Team Title Match)
A1 Do Or Do Not There Is No Try1031545
962017-06-02Ethan Page 战胜 Grado(Singles Match)
FW Freelance Wrestling Vs. The World: 3rd Anniversary1149110
972017-05-28Ethan Page & Shane Sabre 战胜 Virus (Joey Kings & Josh Alexander)(No Disqualification Texas Tornado Tag Team Match)
A1 Marvelous1028625
982017-05-27Ethan Page 战胜 Buxx Belmar(Singles Match)
C4 Attack The Block1028703
992017-05-21Ethan Page 战胜 Donovan Dijak(Singles Match)
EVOLVE 851027086
1002017-05-19Ethan Page 战胜 Space Monkey(Singles Match)
FW We've Had Enough1133128