(Sam Osborne)的赛事-TNA选手资料

基本资料  比赛(46) 

12020-03-20Sam Osborne (w/Don Marnell) 战胜 Steph De Lander(Singles Match)
PWA Black Label - Don't Call It A Cancel1225784
22020-01-25Carter Deams (c) 战胜 Sam Osborne(Newy Pro Heavyweight Title Match)
Newy Pro #851224722
32019-10-13Debauchery (Nikki Van Blair, Parker Tomas, Ricky South & Sam Osborne) 战胜 Rory Gulak & The Nations (Jack Bonza, Jessica Troy & Mick Moretti)(Eight Man Tag Team Match)
FWA Civil War - Halloween Special1222794
42019-10-11Tree Hugger Luchi 战胜 Sam Osborne(Singles Match)
Wrestling GO! Somebody Once Told Me1223269
52019-06-22Sam Osborne (c) 战胜 Dowie James(FWA Heavyweight Title Match)
FWA Resolution 21221810
62019-06-21Sam Osborne 战胜 Tyson Reed(Singles Match)
Newy Pro Hoose Party - Better Hoose And Gardens1221911
72019-05-10Billy Preston (w/Jimmy Townsend) 战胜 Sam Osborne(Tag Team Match)
PWA Black Label - Once Upon A Time In Max Watt's1220649
82019-05-04Sam Osborne 战胜 Dazza(Singles Match)
Newy Pro #781219694
92019-04-13Sam Osborne 战胜 Matty Wahlberg (c) - TITLE CHANGE !!!(FWA Heavyweight Title Falls Count Anywhere Match)
FWA Fear Of The Dark1217076
102019-04-06The Plastics (Jason Dewhurst & Nikki Van Blair) (c) 战胜 Absolute Package 2.0 (Michael Spencer & Sam Osborne) and LuchiKai (Kai Drake & Tree Hugger Luchi) and LUX (Kingsley & Xena)(Wrestling GO! Doubles Medal Title Four Way Match)
Wrestling GO! Let The Games Begin1216123
112019-02-09HeadHunter Rig 战胜 Mat Rogers (c) and Matty Wahlberg and Sam Osborne and Tree Hugger Luchi - TITLE CHANGE !!!(IWA Trans Tasman Title Five Way Match)
IWA Suplex On The Sand III1209683
122019-02-02Matty Wahlberg (c) vs. Sam Osborne - Double Count Out(FWA Heavyweight Title Match)
FWA The Rise Of The Future1208760
132019-01-19Sam Osborne 战胜 Luke Watts(Singles Match)
142019-01-19Sam Osborne & Tree Hugger Luchi 战胜 Dan Archer & Luke Watts(Tag Team Match)
152019-01-18Michael Spencer & Sam Osborne 战胜 SMS (Unsocial Jordan (c) & Tyler Payne) - TITLE CHANGE !!!(Wrestling GO! 24/7 Watermelon Title Tag Team Match)
Wrestling GO! Swan Song1207554
162018-12-15Jake Nova (w/Todd Eastman) 战胜 Sam Osborne(Singles Match)
VPW Flatline 31204557
172018-11-24Sam Osborne 战胜 Gino Gambino(FWA Heavyweight Title #1 Contendership Match)
FWA Diamond Edition1094700
182018-10-26Sam Osborne 战胜 Matty Wahlberg(Singles Match)
IWA Fallout1091258
192018-10-20Chris Abbott 战胜 Sam Osborne(Singles Match)
IWA Live 'N Loud1090952
202018-09-29Jason Dewhurst and Matty Wahlberg 战胜 Backman and Bee Boy and Big Fudge and Cesar and Danger Paul and Drew Fulton and Jay Sorbet and John Whelan and Josh Gatt and Jude London and Mr. Christmas and Paris De Silva and Parker Thomas and Ricky South and Sam Osborne and Silvio Milano and The Buccaneer and Tommy Jewel and Vinnie Vain(Battle 4 Destiny Rumble Match)
FWA Battle 4 Destiny 21087788
212018-09-15Tree Hugger Luchi 战胜 Sam Osborne (7:42)(Singles Match)
Wrestling GO! United1085845
222018-08-25Phil Atlas (w/Pasquale DiPAPA) 战胜 Greg Osbourne (8:45)(Singles Match)
DWW/Impact Wrestling One Night Only: Bad Intentions1098001
232018-06-02Sami Callihan (w/Dave Crist & Jake Crist) 战胜 Greg Osbourne (4:10)(Singles Match)
iMPACT 2018.07.20 731期
242018-05-26Sam Osborne 战胜 Shane Sabre(Singles Match)
Northland Wrestling Malice1200838
252018-04-07Stratos Fear 战胜 Freebeard and Tomer Shalom and Sam Osborne(Four Way Match)
CBPW Mania Weekend Madness1173101
262018-02-16Sam Osborne 战胜 Bee Boy(Singles Match)
Wrestling GO! Alternate Cast1061300
272018-01-21James Ellsworth 战胜 ??? and ??? and ??? and ??? and ??? and ??? and ??? and ??? and ??? and ??? and ??? and Big Magic and Holden Albright and Jean-Pierre Goulet and Markus Burke and Phil Atlas and Randy Reign and Sam Osborne and Tony Cage(st Santino Cobra Cup Rumble Match)
DWW Carnage1058087
282018-01-13The Riperoos (Sam Osborne & Tony Cage) 战胜 Technically Strong (Bret MacLeod & Ray Steele) (9:59)(Tag Team Match)
PWE New Beginnings1057255
292017-11-26Le Tabarnak de Team (Mathieu St-Jacques & Thomas Dubois) 战胜 The Riperoos (Sam Osborne & Tony Cage) (11:42)(Tag Team Match)
PWE November Bash 20171052251
302017-10-29Dylan Daniels 战胜 Sam Osborne (w/Mr. Melo)(Singles Match)
NSW Hardcore Halloween1048486
312017-10-28Riot Makers (Holden Albright & Mark Wheeler) (c) 战胜 The Riperoos (Sam Osborne & Tony Cage)(CBPW Tag Team Title Match)
CBPW Round 21185346
322017-10-20Rex Atkins 战胜 Sam Osborne (6:26)(Singles Match)
PWE 7th Anniversary Show1047096
332017-10-15The Ripperoos (Sam Osborne & Tony Cage) 战胜 Sabotage (Connors & Justin)(Tag Team Match)
DWW Raising Hell1109019
342017-09-16The Riperoos (Sam Osborne & Tony Cage) & Ray Steele 战胜 Enforcer, Harley Davidson & Mario Bryant (9:52)(Six Man Tag Team Match)
PWE Fall Fury1136631
352017-09-09Taylor Kay-deen 战胜 David Stone and Private Parts and Sam Osborne and Stratos Fear and Felicity - TITLE CHANGE !!!(NSW Cruiserweight Title Six Way Match (vakant))
NSW Atomic Age1041558
362017-08-12John Atlas 战胜 Sam Osborne(Singles Match)
Northland Wrestling Rumble In The North1201947
372017-07-29The Riperoos (Sam Osborne & Tony Cage) 战胜 Life Of The Party (The D-Man & ZACH Atticus)(Tag Team Match)
PWE Summer Showdown1136654
382017-06-25Life Of The Party (The D-Man & ZACH Atticus) 战胜 The Riperoos (Sam Osborne & Tony Cage) (10:17)(Tag Team Match)
PWE Summer Surrender1032204
392017-06-18The Ripperoos (Sam Osborne & Tony Cage) 战胜 Les Piranhas (Buster Barao & Steven Mainz)(Tag Team Match)
DWW Live In Montreal1031842
402017-06-04The Ripperoos (Sam Osborne & Tony Cage) 战胜 The Life Of The Party (D-Man & ZACH Atticus) (8:27)(Tag Team Match)
PWE Internal Strife1029177
412017-05-20The Riperoos (Sam Osborne & Tony Cage) 战胜 Rip Impact & Rob Rage(Tag Team Match)
PWE Chaos At The Creek1136659
422016-11-18Ice Cream MACHine 战胜 Sam Osborne(Singles Match)
Ontario Super Series1097438
432016-10-29James Runyan 战胜 Sam Osborne (9:58)(Singles Match)
Battle Arts1202367
442016-09-24Sam Osborne 战胜 Karou (4:15)(Singles Match)
Battle Arts1202373
452016-08-27MC Hardbody & OGG 战胜 James Runyan & Sam Osborne (8:10)(Tag Team Match)
Battle Arts Summer Heat13562
462019-02-22The VeloCities (Jude London, Mat Diamond & Paris De Silva) 战胜 The Kelly Gang (Jackson Kelly, Sam Osborne & Will Kiedis) by DQ(Six Man Tag Team Match)
PWA Black Label - The Fight For Black Metal1211420