(Ace Austin)的赛事-TNA选手资料

基本资料  比赛(363) 

12020-07-18Eddie Edwards 战胜 Ace Austin and Eric Young and Rich Swann and Trey (24:25) - TITLE CHANGE !!!(Impact World Title Five Way Elimination Match (vakant))
Impact Wrestling Slammiversary XVIII1226578
22020-06-16Ace Austin 战胜 Eddie Edwards(街头)
iMPACT 2020.06.18 828期
32020-06-02Ace Austin 战胜 Trey(Impact World Title #1 Contendership Tournament Final Match)
iMPACT 2020.06.03 826期
42020-05-26Ace Austin 战胜 Hernandez(Impact World Title #1 Contendership Tournament Semi Final Match)
iMPACT 2020.05.27 825期
52020-05-19Ace Austin 战胜 Rhino(Impact World Title #1 Contendership Tournament First Round Match)
iMPACT 2020.05.20 824期
62020-05-05Willie Mack (c) 战胜 Ace Austin and Chris Bey(Impact X-Division Title Three Way Match)
iMPACT 2020.04.08 820期
72020-04-21Willie Mack 战胜 Ace Austin (c) - TITLE CHANGE !!!(Impact X-Division Title Match)
Impact Wrestling Rebellion 2020 - Tag 11226093
82020-03-07Ace Austin 战胜 Trey(Non Title Match)
iMPACT 2020.04.16 821期
92020-02-09Tessa Blanchard 战胜 Ace Austin (c) by DQ(Impact X-Division Title Match)
iMPACT 2020.02.27 814期
102020-02-08Reno SCUM (Adam Thornstowe & Luster The Legend) & Ace Austin 战胜 Tessa Blanchard, Tommy Dreamer & Trey(Six Man Tag Team Match)
iMPACT 2020.02.19 813期
112020-02-08Ace Austin & Willie Mack 战胜 Glen Gilberti & Johnny Swinger(Tag Team Match)
iMPACT 2020.03.11 816期
122020-01-24Ace Austin, Clayton Gainz & Stephen Wolf 战胜 Nate Webb & The Flip Bros (Air Wolf & Angel Dorado) (14:23)(Six Man Tag Team Match)
AAW A New Dawn1224978
132020-01-18Ace Austin 战胜 Tommy Dreamer(街头)
iMPACT 2020.02.05 811期
142020-01-17Ace Austin & Taya Valkyrie 战胜 Tessa Blanchard & Trey (16:45)(Tag Team Match)
iMPACT 2020.01.23 809期
152020-01-12Ace Austin (c) 战胜 Eddie Edwards and Fallah Bahh and Moose(Impact X-Division Title Four Way Match)
iMPACT 2020.01.15 808期
162020-01-12Ace Austin (c) 战胜 Trey(Impact X-Division Title Match)
Impact Wrestling Hard To Kill1224421
172019-10-27Rich Swann 战胜 Ace Austin(Singles Match)
iMPACT 2019.11.27 801期
182019-10-25Ace Austin 战胜 Eddie Edwards(无头衔街头)
iMPACT 2019.10.30 797期
192019-10-20Ace Austin 战胜 Jake Crist (c) and Ace Romero and Daga and Tessa Blanchard - TITLE CHANGE !!!(Impact X-Division Title Five Way Ladder Match)
Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory 20191223444
202019-10-10Wheeler Yuta 战胜 Ace Austin (6:26)(Singles Match)
Beyond Uncharted Territory #2.021223369
212019-09-06Ace Austin 战胜 Eddie Edwards(Singles Match)
iMPACT 2019.10.12 795期
222019-08-16Ace Austin 战胜 Eddie Edwards by DQ(Singles Match)
iMPACT 2019.09.15 791期
232019-07-20Ace Austin 战胜 Eddie Edwards by DQ(Singles Match)
iMPACT 2019.08.10 786期
242019-07-20Ace Austin 战胜 Stone Rockwell(Singles Match)
iMPACT 2019.08.03 785期
252019-07-14Michael Elgin & Willie Mack 战胜 Ace Austin & Stone Rockwell(Mash Up Tournament First Round Match)
iMPACT 2019.07.20 783期
262019-06-07TJP 战胜 Ace Austin(Singles Match)
iMPACT 2019.07.07 781期
272019-06-06TJP 战胜 Ace Austin(Singles Match)
iMPACT 2019.06.22 779期
282019-05-05Rich Swann (c) 战胜 Ace Austin and Evander James and Mantequilla and Smiley and Trey(Impact X-Division Title Scramble Match)
HOG/Impact Wrestling Code Red1219398
292019-05-04Ace Austin 战胜 Jake Deaner(Singles Match)
Impact Wrestling TV Taping1219668
302019-05-03Dez 战胜 Ace Austin and Petey Williams and Rohit Raju(Four Way Match)
iMPACT 2019.05.26 775期
312019-04-29Ace Austin 战胜 Petey Williams(Singles Match)
iMPACT 2019.05.05 772期
322019-04-29Ace Austin 战胜 Petey Williams(Singles Match)
Impact Wrestling TV Tapings1218485
332019-04-28Ace Austin 战胜 Aiden Prince and Eddie Edwards and Jake Crist and Jake Deaner and Petey Williams(X-Division Six Way Match)
Impact Wrestling Rebellion1218476
342019-04-06JT Dunn 战胜 AR Fox and Ace Austin and Sammy Guevara (8:53)(Four Way Match)
REVOLVER Pancakes & Piledrivers 31216168
352019-04-05Teddy Hart (c) 战胜 Ace Austin(MLW Middleweight Title Match)
MLW Battle Riot II1216338
362019-04-05LA Park 战胜 Konnan and Ace Austin and Ace Romero and Air Wolf and Alexander Hammerstone and Ariel Dominguez and Avalanche and Barrington Hughes and Blue Meanie and Brian Pillman Jr. and Daga and Dan Severn and Davey Boy Smith Jr. and El Hijo de LA Park and Emil Sitoci and Gringo Loco and Jacob Fatu and Jimmy Havoc and Jimmy Yuta and Jordan Oliver and Ken Kerbis and Kotto Brazil and Lance Anoa'i and Leo Brien and Low Ki and Mance Warner and Maxwell Jacob Friedman and Mike Patrick and Minoru Tanaka and Myron Reed and Ortiz and Pentagon Jr.2# and Rey Fenix and Rey Horus and Richard Holliday and Rich Swann and Ricky Martinez and Sami Callihan and Santana(40 Man Battle Riot Match)
MLW Battle Riot II1216340
372019-04-04Rey Horus 战胜 Ace Austin(Singles Match)
MLW Rise Of The Renegades1216497
382019-04-04Johnny Impact 战胜 Ace Austin and Dante Fox and Jake Crist and Pat Buck (12:32)(Impact X-Division Title #1 Contendership Ultimate X Match)
Impact Wrestling United We Stand1216477
392019-03-23Ace Austin 战胜 Aiden Prince(Singles Match)
Impact Wrestling TV Taping1214697
402019-03-23Ace Austin 战胜 Aiden Prince(Singles Match)
iMPACT 2019.04.27 771期
412019-03-23Petey Williams 战胜 Ace Austin and Aiden Prince and Idris Abraham and Jake Crist and Trey Miguel(Six Way Scramble Match)
iMPACT 2019.04.06 768期
422019-03-22Petey Williams 战胜 Ace Austin and Aiden Prince and Idris Abraham and Jake Crist and Trey Miguel(Six Way Match)
Impact Wrestling TV Taping1214913
432019-03-16Ace Austin (w/Clayton Gainz) 战胜 Gringo Loco and Hakim Zane and Joey Lynch (8:55)(Dark Tag Team Match)
AAW Hell Hath No Fury 20191214009
442019-02-17Ace Austin 战胜 Damien Hyde (3:10)(Singles Match)
iMPACT 2019.03.23 766期
452019-02-17Ace Austin 战胜 Damien Drake(Singles Match)
Impact Wrestling TV Taping1210219
462019-02-16Ace Austin 战胜 Jake Atlas(Singles Match)
Impact Wrestling TV Taping1210392
472019-02-16Ace Austin 战胜 Jake Atlas (3:30)(Singles Match)
iMPACT 2019.03.09 764期
482019-02-09Ace Austin 战胜 Killian McMurphy(Singles Match)
OutBreak Desolation - Misery Loves Company1209810
492019-02-08KC Navarro 战胜 Ace Austin and Ricky Martinez and Smiley(Four Way Match)
PWAD The [email protected] Show1209894
502019-02-02Ace Austin 战胜 Rich Swann(Singles Match)
MLW Superfight 1208640
512019-01-26Ace Romero, PACO & The Besties In The World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett) 战胜 Ace Austin, Clayton Gainz, Connor Braxton & Stephen Wolf(Eight Man Tag Team Match)
AAW The Final Stand1207984
522019-01-12Trajan Horn (c) 战胜 Ace Austin(TRUE Title Match)
TRUE Wrestling Beginnings1206542
532019-01-11Brandon Kirk 战胜 Ace Austin and Jordan Oliver and Ophidian and The Whisper and Willow Nightingale(Scramble Match)
LW Snakebitten1206628
542018-12-21Ace Austin 战胜 Kyle Maverick(Singles Match)
PPW The Black Album1205098
552018-12-15Victor Benjamin 战胜 Ace Austin(Singles Match)
Blackcraft Spirits Of The Dead1204285
562018-12-14Trey Miguel 战胜 Ace Austin and Clayton Gainz and Kevin Bennett and Matt Sydal and Ron Mathis(Mosh Pit Scramble Match)
Impact Wrestling/Rockstar Pro Ohio Versus Everything1204364
572018-12-08Ace Austin 战胜 Clayton Gainz and Dave Crist(三重威胁赛)
HOH 52: Indie Darlings1203157
582018-11-16Ace Austin 战胜 Bobby Beverly(Singles Match)
PPW Go To Sleep1094376
592018-11-09Sonny Kiss 战胜 Ace Austin(Singles Match)
602018-11-08Myron Reed 战胜 Ace Austin(Singles Match)
MLW Fightland1093515
612018-10-31Zachary Wentz 战胜 Ace Austin(Singles Match)
Rockstar Pro Amped1097884
622018-10-24Ace Austin 战胜 Ace Romero and Aaron Williams and Ron Mathis(Four Way Match)
Rockstar Pro Amped Supershow1097473
632018-10-20Caleb Konley 战胜 Ace Austin (c) and Andy Dalton and Chainsaw King and Clayton Gainz and Lil' N8 and Madman Fulton and Pat Monix and Ron Mathis and Steve Manders and Thomas Shire - TITLE CHANGE !!!(PWR Scramble Title Match)
REVOLVER Tales From The Ring 21097890
642018-10-17Clayton Gainz 战胜 Ace Austin(Best Of Seven Series Match)
Rockstar Pro Amped1090755
652018-10-13MV Young 战胜 Ace Austin and Billy Dixon and TJ Crawford(Four Way Match)
PWM Creatures Of The Night1097895
662018-10-10Clayton Gainz 战胜 Ace Austin(Singles Match)
Rockstar Pro Amped1097908
672018-10-07Petey Williams 战胜 Ace Austin and Matt Sydal and N8 Mattson(Four Way Match)
BCW Motown Showdown 20181097346
682018-10-06Gino 战胜 Ace Austin(Singles Match)
VCW A Nightmare On Granby Street1097910
692018-10-05Teddy Hart 战胜 Ace Austin(Singles Match)
Rockstar Pro Horror-Core 20181097921
702018-10-03Ace Austin (c) 战胜 Clayton Gainz(PWR Scramble Title Match)
Rockstar Pro Amped1097927
712018-09-30Ace Austin 战胜 Andrew Palace and Tyler Matrix(Wrestlers Lab Title #1 Contendership Three Way Match)
Wrestlers' Lab Death In Bloom1097932
722018-09-28Ace Austin (c) 战胜 Aidan Blackhart and AJ Gray and Jeremy Travis and Kyle Maverick and Kyle The Beast and Mike Cobb and Tre Lamar(PWR Scramble Title Match)
PPW Hoody Hoo1087921
732018-09-26Clayton Gainz 战胜 Ace Austin (c) - TITLE CHANGE !!!(Singles Match)
Rockstar Pro Amped1097945
742018-09-23Ace Austin 战胜 Brandon Watts and Bronson(三重威胁赛)
WHAT VII1097947
752018-09-21Ace Austin (c) 战胜 Daniel Garcia and Jessicka Havok and Matt Cross and Mick Moretti and Sami Callihan(PWR Scramble Title Match)
LW Pretenders Beware1097960
762018-09-19Clayton Gainz 战胜 Ace Austin and Suge D(三重威胁赛)
Rockstar Pro Amped1097972
772018-09-08Blackwater 战胜 Ace Austin (c) and Jordan Oliver and KC Navarro - TITLE CHANGE !!!(CZW Wired Title Four Way Match)
CZW Down With The Sickness 20181085634
782018-09-07Ace Austin (c) [PWR] 战胜 Alex Colon (c) [DTU] and Zachary Wentz (c) [CZW] - TITLE CHANGE !!!(DTU Alto Impacto Title / PWR Scramble Title / CZW Wired Title Match)
Rockstar Pro Weekend At Murray's1097983
792018-09-05OI4K (Dave Crist & Jake Crist), Bill Kovaleski & Dustin Rayz 战胜 Ace Austin, Alex Colon, Clayton Gainz & Zachary Wentz(Eight Man Tag Team Match)
Rockstar Pro Amped1097991
802018-08-31oVe (Dave Crist & Jake Crist) 战胜 Ace Austin & Brian Cage (5:53)(Tag Team Match)
AAW Defining Moment 20181084153
812018-08-29Alex Colon 战胜 Ace Austin (c) - TITLE CHANGE !!!(DTU Alto Impacto Title Match)
Rockstar Pro Amped1097998
822018-08-25Aiden Prince 战胜 Ace Austin and Dustin Quicksilver (12:35)(三重威胁赛)
DWW/Impact Wrestling One Night Only: Bad Intentions1098003
832018-08-24Connor Braxton 战胜 Ace Austin and Corey Futuristic and David Lawless and Dick Justice and Kevin Blackwood and Lord Crewe and Rex Lawless and Shawn Phoenix and Victor Benjamin (w/Lady Frost)(Dance With The Devil Ten Man Battle Royal)
Blackcraft Burning Bridges1083653
842018-08-22Ace Austin 战胜 Pompano Joe(Singles Match)
Rockstar Pro Amped1098012
852018-08-19Ace Austin (c) 战胜 Lokillo(DTU Alto Impacto Title Match)
DTU Magia International - Tag 61082899
862018-08-18Ace Austin, Hermes & Kaleth 战胜 AJ Gray, Jimmy & Pesadilla(Six Man Tag Team Match)
DTU Magia International - Tag 51082950
872018-08-16Ace Austin (c) 战胜 Cobre and Fussion and Jimmy and Moria(PWR Scramble Title Five Way Match)
DTU Magia International - Tag 41098020
882018-08-14Ace Austin (c) 战胜 Aeroboy and Jimmy(DTU Alto Impacto Title Three Way Match)
DTU Magia International - Tag 31082167
892018-08-13oVe (Dave Crist, Jake Crist & Sami Callihan) 战胜 Ace Austin, Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz (3:50)(Six Man Tag Team Match)
iMPACT 2018.09.07 738期
902018-08-08Ace Austin (c) 战胜 Myron Reed and Sage Cainan(DTU Alto Impacto Title Three Way Match)
Rockstar Pro Amped1098024
912018-08-03Ace Austin 战胜 Aaron Williams and Ace Romero and Austin Manix and Clayton Gainz and Dan Maff and Jaxon Stone and Jeremiah and Kimber Lee and Larry D and Mik Drake and Pat Monix and Rich Swann (c) and Ron Mathis and Samantha Heights and Shigehiro Irie - TITLE CHANGE !!!(PWR Scramble Title Match)
REVOLVER The Catalina Wrestling Mixer Vol. 21081011
922018-08-01Clayton Gainz 战胜 Ace Austin(Singles Match)
Rockstar Pro Amped1098033
932018-07-28Zachary Wentz (c) 战胜 Ace Austin and KC Navarro and Myron Reed(CZW Wired Title Four Way Match)
CZW New Heights 20181080283
942018-07-27Ace Austin 战胜 Mr. Brickster and Myron Reed and Sage Cainan(Four Way Match)
PPW Tear Da Club Up 971080069
952018-07-25Ace Austin 战胜 Crash Jaxon and Sage Cainan and Shain Bender and Robin Steele(Mosh Pit Scramble Match)
Rockstar Pro Amped1098041
962018-07-24The Lucha House Party (Kalisto & Lince Dorado) 战胜 Chris Robinson & Ryan DePolo (2:05)(Tag Team Match)
WWE 205 Live 2018.07.25 87期
972018-07-22Logan Black 战胜 Ace Austin and Alexander James and Maria Manic and PB Smooth and Trigga The OG(Six Way Match)
IP 2 Hell And Back1098052
982018-07-21Tasha Steelz 战胜 Ace Austin and CPA and Joe Gacy and Ken Dixon and Mark Adam Haggerty and Tracer X and Trevor Aeon(车轮赛)
BCP Bash In The Bronx1098058
992018-07-20Kyle Maverick 战胜 Ace Austin and Jeremiah and Jimmy Lloyd and Nate Wings and Pompano Joe and Ron Voyage(Scramble Match)
H20 Destruction In Dayton1079305
1002018-07-18Ace Austin 战胜 Sage Cainan(Singles Match)
Rockstar Pro Amped1098068