SmackDown Live插曲:Unstoppable
SmackDown Live插曲:Big Surprise
Raw插曲:Stories of Greatness
Raw插曲:Dreams That I Have
WWE Daniel Bryan退役宣传片插曲:Streets Of Gold
缅怀Roddy Piper宣传片插曲:Hold On Tight
SummerSlam 2015宣传片插曲:Do You Feel Alive
Tough Enough第六季插曲:Let the Journey Begin
Tough Enough第六季插曲:Around the Way
Tough Enough第六季插曲:Make or Break
缅怀Dusty Rhodes宣传片插曲:Raging Fire
缅怀Ultimate Warrior宣传片插曲:One More Time
WWE Network 节目宣传片插曲:Move
WrestleMania 30 丹尼尔·布莱恩宣传片插曲:Monster
TNA—Destination America宣传片插曲:Ready
WrestleMania 31 Bray Wyatt vs Undertaker宣传片插曲:The Man Comes Around
Hall of Fame 2015 Connor Michalek 宣传片插曲:Peace
Lilian Garcia单曲:Que Seria
Lilian Garcia单曲:Where Did Love Go?
Lilian Garcia单曲:Under In Love
Lilian Garcia单曲:Quiero Encontrarte
Lilian Garcia单曲:Devastada
Lilian Garcia单曲:Estoy Endrogada
Lilian Garcia单曲:Yo No Se
Lilian Garcia单曲:Ya Veras
Lilian Garcia单曲:Desenamorada
Lilian Garcia单曲:Adonde
Lilian Garcia单曲:Angle
Lilian Garcia单曲:Quiero Vivir
Lita单曲:When I Get You Alone
Stacy Keibler单曲:Why Can't We Just Dance?
Rikishi单曲:Put A Little Ass on It
Trish Stratus单曲:I Just Want You
Rey Mysterio单曲:Crossing Borders
Dudley Boyz单曲:We've Had Enough